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What would you do "Safety Discussion 9"

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27 Dec 2014 23:00

Safety Discussion 9 Image.



melville said:

I am surprised the bed didn't break loading it.


outinthemud said:

Jerr-Dan shark bed. If its empty it looks fine, but otherwise nope to heavy.


carl4tow said:

if it was a pellet of steel up front of bed it would be fine but look at all the wieght at the rear of the bed go across a scale with that you'd be parking it with a big fine.


silverhawk said:

33,000 gvw it would be OK with a 12,000 rated bed, but not by much.  Hope boxes are empty?  With 19.5 tires, that looks like a 26,000 gvw.  Not good.


wrecker44 said:

too bad we can't see the tie-down method


Towing Texas said:

The tiedown is probably just about like everybody running around here one J hook around the axle and the winch holding the truck.



oh get off your high horses, surely the travel club told him it was only a 1 ton, but it looks like he got paid, good job!!


lantz70 said:

went and looked up the weight on my 5500 gmc.8900,scales at 13 with a twin winch aatac bed. so with service bed unloaded he should be ok.


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