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Truck on its side in a garage !

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I got a call one day from a friend that has a local garage and he wanted me to come right down . When I got there I realized why he sounded a little stressed . An ear had broken off one of his lifts and a truck ended up on his side narrowly missing a mechanic . I wanted to winch it outside and roll it in the parking lot as it was very tight inside but he insisted on rolling it inside because it was on a very busy street and he wanted to keep the public viewing to a minimum . It was a little tight but it went right over no problem . We put the tires on it and winched it outside and loaded it . Anyone that has been in business for a while gets these calls and this was my 6th in 35 years . 









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Fun one.

That style lift works good on cars for brake jobs... full size truck maxed out in height... he was asking for this to happen.

I have the same lift and is currently sitting in my scrap pile. HA.

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When those were popular, most pickups were single cab. The just do not have the reach to spread the weight out enough for a life in a crew cab. Und they do not always offer a great deal of flexibility when trying to engage the frame. Very lucky nobody was injured or killed. Those lift plates tend to have issues with cracking.

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We had one at a dealership a year or so ago.  The frame was coated with a slippery rubber undercoating, paired with a large vehicle being on a medium duty lift and just the luck of a bad situation.  Lucky for us, the building was just large enough that we could get our wrecker in front of it.  It was a bit tricky as everything was wedged in there tight, and all of the corporate executives were standing there breathing down our necks the whole time.







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When front wheel drive cars first became popular ,we were good for 6-8 a year from shops not realizing how front heavy they were.Now we get one or two a year from oversize trucks people try to squash on lifts.

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