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An Old Holmes 600 bites the dust...


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22 Aug 2008 16:12

Lincoln Auto Wrote,

Well we finally did it, hooked up "old blue" and hauled it off to the scrap yard. Took off the new tires and cables and sent the rest to the iron pile. She still ran but was very worn out. We acquired this Holmes 600 from its old home when we purchased our towing business. After using it once or twice we immediately went out and got a newer hydraulic wrecker. We kept it for over two years as a back up and it got used a few times but I never truly felt safe in that truck...

LA600A.md.jpg LA600B.md.jpg


jhns tw said:
Shame on you! You should never let a Holmes go to the scrap yard, no matter how high scrap prices are. Somebody would have bought that 600 rig especially with those 750 booms.
Oh well whats done is done, you have ruined my weekend. I'll have nightmares about the scrap man cutting her up. Hope you're happy! LOL By the way nice KW!
P.S. Wait till Steve at High Point sees what you've done LOL
Scott Johnson - John's Towing - Durham N.C.
pttowguy said:
That was a perfect donor for a nice side puller project! emoticonthud.gif
Heavytowman12 said:
That's just not right, you better hope the wash boss don't see this!
michael212 said:
As Myers said it would be a good side puller set up for someone. Guys are looking for those booms & gearboxes. Just crazy!
Michael Myers
Da Wash Boss said:
Clutching my heart over here having the big one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats wrong with you that truck had lots of life left for the right operator. I am not gonna sleep tonight. Just looking at all the great parts on that truck. Tears rolling down cheeks.
Danny Cassello
TRPC "EST 1963"
Joe Driscoll said:
Thats very sad. Did you get the emblems off it for your wall.


kyresqtow said:

Sad to see all the potential for that unit gone.... Side puller for in front of a hydraulic.. yes you can change them from chain drive to driven by hydraulic also...

Spare parts for so many other units still in service...

Mount on newer chassis for a kick tail recovery truck... or mount with a zacklift on it for a nice light tow and recovery truck....

So many uses for that such a shame to see it go.

madorin said:
You did what? Call Zips and see what they get for a good gear box! Then you'll be as sick as we all are. Never ever scrap them, that is what forums and the net are good for. Those Extendable booms are worth a grand alone. I hope others learn from this mistake.
Lincoln Auto said:
Now for the rest of the story. We tried to sell it with no luck. We tried to trade it to Zips but they did not want it. It looks ok from a distance. The roof was rusted through above the drip rails and the cab mounts were rusted off the bottum of the cab. The trans would not stay in 4th gear. The pto was bad. The gear box was worn out. You had to pull very hard with both hands to keep the winch engaged. The booms were the only thing that was good.. It worked hard for a lot off years but it was time for it to go. We gave it a proper send off with honors. Sorry if we offended any one but out here in the sticks there is not much for a market to get rid of it. We will miss it. thank you
Bigtows said:
I really liked my 600 Holmes too! But the winch was broke and the engine needed a cam and turbo, She made me alot of money doing things "I can't do with that truck" oh well She had her day and we did the same thing a couple of weeks ago. Mine went to a scrap yard outside Allentown, PA. I was going to rechassis the body, but the local township was complaining about it sitting here not being inspected and licensed. She was rusted pretty bad too!
Bambarger said:
my dad got all red faced the other day when i tried to scrap a pair of old holmes booms. They looked bent to me. LOL.
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