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Denied Early Release (CO)


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Colorado Springs woman convicted in 2011 dragging death asks for early release, is denied


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Detra Farries, who was convicted in the 2011 dragging death of a Colorado Springs tow truck driver, has once again been denied early release from prison, according to the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office.


Farries, 42, was convicted in 2012 of reckless manslaughter and six other counts for the death of Allen Lew Rose. Rose was dragged over a mile after he became ensnared by a tow cable left dangling from Farries’ vehicle.


According to prosecutors, Farries recently applied for placement in Araphaoe County’s community corrections. Thursday, the board announced her request had been denied.


She remains in prison at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility.


This is at least the third time Farries has applied for early release. She was denied by community corrections boards in both Denver and Arapahoe counties in August 2018, according to previous reports.


A corrections board initially approved her request for early release in October 2019, but later revoked that decision after opposition from the victim’s widow.


Farries’ next parole hearing is set for March. Her mandatory release date is set for November 2028.



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As a direct and immediate result of Mr. Rose being dragged to his death in 2018,  Colorado initiated the "Allen Rose Tow Truck Safety Law", that now requires tow operators to apply an 8x8 sticker on the driver's-side window of any car bwing towed. The sticker reads something to the effect, “Warning: this vehicle is in tow. Attempting to operate or operating this vehicle may result in a criminal prosecution and may lead to injury or death to you or another person.” Can any Colorado tower confirm what the sticker says and post a picture here?


The law is aimed toward persons or vehicle owners who attempt to drive away or liberate the vehicle once it's marked for tow.


Based on the day-to-day violence against tow operators, every state should have something similar.        R.

Randall C. Resch

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I found this on the old 411 site,


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Allen Rose, 35, died Wednesday in Colorado Springs after being dragged by a car for more than a mile. Witnesses say it began when Rose, a tow truck driver, tried to move an illegally parked car.

Rose was identified by his business partner, John Stellabotte. The pair were co-owners of J&J Towing in Colorado Springs, Stellabotte said. In an interview with KRDO, Stellabotte said, "[Allen] was not only a co-worker, but a friend."

"It's tragic when somebody has to lose their life for something as stupid as getting your car towed," said Stellabotte. Sadly, he said, it's becoming a dangerous business.

The incident began in the parking lot of the Hill Park Apartments at 360 N. Murray Blvd. around 11 a.m. An SUV was being towed because it was illegally parked, according to police.

Witnesses told KRDO the owner of the SUV hopped into the vehicle, threw the SUV into reverse, and took off. Witnesses said Rose's legs got entangled in the chain, which was already attached to the SUV.

Rose was dragged for more than a mile.

Police were able to locate the SUV in a neighborhood northeast of Platte Avenue and Murray Boulevard a short time later. It wasn't immediately clear whether the driver of the SUV was aware if the 35-year-old was caught in the chain.

Colorado Springs police said they were interviewing several persons of interest. No arrests have been made, police said. Several sources told TARGET 13 the suspect is a girl, who is a juvenile.

Police have not released the name of the driver.

Rose died at the hospital, police said.




Despite conflicting reports to the contrary, Springs police say that no arrests have been made in the tragic death of a man dragged nearly two miles by an SUV Wednesday.

Despite conflicting reports to the contrary, Springs police say that no arrests have been made in the tragic death of a man dragged nearly two miles by an SUV Wednesday.

CSPD Public Information Officer Steve Noblitt told 11 News that they are still investigating this case, and have not made any arrests.

Detectives continue to investigate what transpired in the moments leading up to the moment the SUV pulled away from the tow truck, including what the suspect did or did not know while driving the SUV. Detectives are still conducting interviews Thursday with the driver, who has not been charged with anything at this time.

Colorado Springs police say a tow truck driver was preparing to tow a black GMC sport utility vehicle from the 300 block of N. Murray at the Hill Park Apartments, when the owner of the vehicle came out and started driving off in the vehicle. As the vehicle drove off, this caused the tow truck driver, Allen Rose, a husband and father of two, to get caught in the cables.

At times the scene unfolded in front of horrified and helpless onlookers.

"I saw customers and my sister just [covering their faces]," said one witness, Moses Morales.

Rose, was dragged all the way to Babcock and Platte, nearly two miles away, where he came off the cable. He was taken to the hospital but soon died from his injuries.

Moses Morales works at the 7-Eleven on the corner of Platte and Murray. He tried to chase after the driver but the vehicle, a GMC SUV, did not stop.

When Morales finally got to the victim, he was covered in blood and clearly in a lot of pain.

Victor Garcia also works in the area at a Tamale stand. He says he heard a lot of people yelling and screaming. All of the witnesses who spoke to 11 News say it's an image they'll never forget.

Neighbors of Rose were among the many shocked by this story.

"When I heard the name of the tow truck, I figured it was him," said Terry VanTassel, who lives next door.

VanTassel only knew Rose a few months and described him a quiet man who sometimes brought his tow truck from work to the home he shared with his family.

"It's hard to believe especially because they just moved in," VanTassel said.

The vehicle being investigated was found parked in a neighborhood on the corners of Bridger Place and Bridger Drive, although homeowners in the area say they've never seen that vehicle before.

The driver of the SUV is in police custody, but has not yet been arrested. Police will have to determine whether or not the driver realized a person was being dragged, or exactly what the intent was.

"What exactly happened here? That's the question. It's going to take us a little bit of time to put the pieces together," said Sgt. Steve Noblitt with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Police say they will use surveillance video from businesses along Platte, as well as traffic cameras in the area for their investigation.

The Colorado Rocky Mountain Repossessors Association, the RMRA, put out a statement Wednesday evening, extending its sympathies to the Allen Rose family and friends for "the loss of a father, husband, friend, and fellow towing professional who lost his life in the line of duty."

The statement goes on to say "The RMRA works to educate and promote adherence of all the legal requirements of the Profession so that the public interest is at all times served and protected by those engaged in the Profession."

Rose, 35, worked for J& J Towing. The company confirmed his identity to 11 News. We're told that Allen worked with the company since it started up which wasn’t very long ago. He also told 11 News that Rose was married and had two children, ages 12 and 13.

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