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New Addition Support Truck


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Last winter we got a call to remove 2 old trucks from a property that was being sold. My guys pulled a Chevy van & a GMC pick up out of the weeds & brought them in. After inspecting them, I told the owner that there wasn't much there to work with and there would be substantial costs to repair them. I ended up buying them for a couple hundred bucks. We decided to make something out of the truck to flip it but it turned in to something much more complex...






The bed was terrible so it was removed only to find the chassis had seen better days. Typical GM crossmember damage on the frame. We media blasted the chassis & installed/fabricated new structure pieces & crossmembers. 





The cab got new front sheet metal and we welded in new inner & outer rocker panels on both sides. We do a couple of these type cab repairs a month...





Now since this was a dually pick up, the frame is wider then the cab & chassis 34' so i made a custom sub frame that mounted to the existing bed mounts and allowed a standard body to be attached... 




Then the truck got a new paint job...




We built a hitch plate & tied it in to the chassis for structural support. The hoist sub frame assembly were installed while we waited for a custom body to come in...





Finally the body came in. We had it made a little shorter then normal due to the shorter "cab to axle" & very little overhang on this chassis...





Once installed & hooked up, it was back in for a new front suspension that was completely adjustable in order to get our height up. We had custom 19.5 wheels made to accommodate taller, heavier rubber. Also installed stainless tool boxes and full fenders to fill in some of the "void" under the bed...





All new LED lighting, and accessories to round it out...





In the middle between A-Z, we also installed a new transmission, transfer case, full brake system, went through the motor with all new cooling system, accessories & electronics. Then it was sent out for a wrap to top it off...







We have a custom light bar being built, all new emergency lighting and a new Fisher V Plow coming in for it. I had a couple of Ash side boards refinished for the body and then I think we are done!

This project was used through the last 11 months as fill in work , especially during the 1st few months of Covid to keep guys busy. I wouldn't lay anyone off... But in the end, it goes down the road nice and I'm sure it will work well for our Property Damage clean up jobs as well as maintenance for our property company & what not. It was a lot of coin to put in to a 15 year old truck but it can earn when necessary and sit quietly in the shop for free when not needed! Not sure how you guys feel but In uncertain times, I don't need another payment...

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Excellent work Mr. Ed. Theres no better feeling than being able to resurect and refurbish an un-wanted vehicle into something that will serve a great purpose. We did the same with an old ford ranger that was abandoned years back. We went through it top to bottom, gave it our customary paint scheme and set it all up as a light road service/ support vehicle/ parts chaser. We still have it although she hasnt been used much since the downsizing we went through a couple years back. But It doesnt cost me anything to just wait patiently in the barn.

Nothing beats bought and paid for rigs and gear.

I also applaud your efforts to keep all your guys working through this mess we are dealing with. That is a true leader. 

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Yea it got a little "challenging" in April & May but we are fortunate that we do a lot of commercial work in our shops since they were all "essential" and kept us going...but we were down 35% or more. Got a lot of projects done which was good but it's difficult to spend money doing them when there isn't much coming in... 



Put the side boards on this morning.

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Ron that is nearly exactly what we ordered! Towmate I believe is building it, goes all white for scene lighting & plowing but then amber strobe for emergency. They put the 2-way radio in it yesterday.

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Got some use today on a property we are refurbishing. We have a couple loads to haul tomorrow...




I really like how the hood came out. We got the idea from one of Chris from Boardman towing's trucks a couple of years ago. This is the second truck we did like this.




Can't wait for the lighting to get done...

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The truck looks amazing !! I really like the flag on the hood. Now, I know it wouldnt really fit your color scheme,  But maybe a yellow stripe added in the middle of it would really set it off.. You know, TOW LIVES MATTER !!! Lol

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Ed ....what a remarkable transformation you guys have made on the dump truck ...


That is going to be a very versatile and important piece of equipment in your armoury ...different uses it can be put to is endless ...


From a low outlay and a lot of spare hours and hard work  .... you have produced an excellent vehicle  which is going to make you a whole lot of money...


Happy thanksgiving .... y'all stay safe and well..



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Well I think it's done now... Installed a new Fisher V Plow and a Towmate Light Bar...




It can have multi patterns and we did a full front & side package. Then it can switch to all spot light...




Or both (hard to tell in picture)... We had a new head unit installed w/ a Back Up camera...




We are supposed to get 15-18" + of snow on Wednesday so we will see how it works.


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Truck turned out awesome !!! Good luck with it. 

We are looking at anywhere from 6"-24" here from that same storm Wednesday.depending on which way it decides to go.. I am scrambling to get ready myself.... UGGGGHHHH.... 


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Truck looks great.  I love to see when an old truck is brought back to life.


We are in the "Jack pot zone"  for this storm according what to my wife's reading on the internet.  Guess I will be breaking out the chains...................and all the snowmobiles are in NY


stay safe

A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will ...

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