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2020 TOP TEN Motor Club Ranking "CLOSED"


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Ron as you know I dont list motor clubs normally and thats because I truly feel that all of them suppress our industry yet we as owners chose to do work for them or not too thsi year I will give you my ranking of them 


1 TESLA and they are really not a motor club 

2 Geico 

3 Allstate 

4 national motor club 


6 Quest

7 NSD 

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Well, seems I am late to the party. Been Busy and had to discuss this with Mom and her assistant. I don't work in the office much to know what's getting paid. That is unless the number paid varies from the invoiced amount. I guess maybe I am in the office more than I thought. Anyway this is our 2020 List.


1. GEICO - easiest to deal with.

2. AAA - their contractors won't go out at night.

3. TESLA - might have done 3 this year but they're good.

4  NSD - calls when no one else answers.

5. HONK - pick and chose the ones we want.

6. Road America - Low Call Volume

7. Quest - Low Call Volume

8. Urgent.ly - no comment as to why

9. AGERO - CC Only

10. SWOOP - CC Only

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List Top 10 Clubs
1. Swoop (easiest to get addons and submit for payment 
2. Uhaul (easiest for approvals and constant work)
3. Agero (rate and high volume aren’t bad, can be tricky at times but the volume and payout is worth it.)
4. NAC (best rates, low volume)
5. Urgently (decent rate and can get decent approval addons, payouts can be tricky to track but they do pay)

6. Fleetnet (good approvals and staff, no volume)
7. Honk (not easy to reach or talk to since they got rid of a lot of their reps)
8. Quest (low volume, low rate)
9. Pinnacle (neutral)
10 NSD (rude dispatchers, no ability for addons, very difficult to work with)

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I dont know how to score this, as we have really changed our business model in the recent years.  We really don't work with clubs on PO.


The one that stands out as a great "club" although not really a club would be Tesla.  I love them.  We set our rates according to the high level of service they expect for their customers and they pay us on time after 30 days with no hassles.  Usually they are well informed and great to work with, although low volume.


NSD used to be great, and they still arent terrible, but they have really fallen off in volume, and when we do here from them its usually a call that turns into a nightmare.  We almost never deal with them anymore.



These guys below are all terrible:

Allstate has been cut off and they never want to pay our credit card rates to help them- they have been added to my blocked call list so they dont wake me at night.


Urgently- They refused to pay us on a service a couple years ago and I cut them off and blocked their number


Honk- after they pulled the rate changes last year we cut them off and blocked their number


Agero is the bottom of the barrell- we cut them off and only do some jobs at a high rate with credit card up front when they get desperate enough to pay.- they have also been added to my blocked call list.

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1. GEICO!!!

2. GEICO Secondary

3. Gerber

4. Allied

5. Quest

6. Road America

7. Agero

8. Agero (Swoop)

9. Allstate

10. NSD


GEICO is THE BEST roadside company to work with - they truly appreciate their customers, as well as us, their providers. Best Rates, Best Reps, fastest paying.

NSD & Allstate are The Worst - we no longer take calls from either of them. We have tried for 3 years to update rates with Allstate, but they have been on a 'Rate Freeze' or a new rep (another rep to not reply or update our rates).  NSD has rude CS reps if/when they answer the phone or return a call.

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added Geico Secondary, they do their own billing...
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1. Geico 
2. Quest
3. Gerber
9. AAA 
10. Agero


I only tow for the my top 3 so I am a bit biased but going on my 50th year Ive towed for about all of them and as you can I see I have no use for the bottom 2! Although I'm sure opinions may vary. 

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1. Geico

2. NSD

3. Tesla

4. Allstate

Below this line is just fillers:




8. Quest

9. Road America

10. Pinnacles

Below this line are just sad motor clubs:

11. Agero*

12. Swoop*


*It is very rare for me to NOT collect payment from the motor clubs that we are contracted for services.  We follow our contracts: only provide services that we are contracted for and bill accordingly.  We have a very large volume from Geico and they pay quickly, rather easily, and the rep is responsive to any PO# concerns.  NSD has a good volume, also pays quickly and rather easily, and the rep is very responsive to any PO# concerns.  Allstate has slowed down their payments...especially when an appeal has been made, but it is getting better.  Some of it maybe attributed to COVID-19 and adjustments that were made, but the turn around time for payments is picking up once again.  The rep seems to be (IMHO) more disengaged with his communication than in the past; but, again, that may be due to COVID-19 and working from home/limited resources.   HOWEVER, AGERO and AGERO/SWOOP have drastically declined (IMHO) this last year.  SWOOP and Agero seem to be playing this game where they are flipping our contracted rates in their online billing portals.  This means that each of the purchase orders are then put into an "Under Review" status, which adds a minimum of 15 (business) days for review.  Then if the motor club edits the review, it is ANOTHER 15 (business) days.  This would not be so bad, but they still hold payment for 2 more billing cycles after that.  Also, there are not area reps for Agero / Agero Swoop -- meaning that it is limited assistance: telephone call to a customer center, email, chat feature, Agero Ticket, or Agero Advocate group; and you would think that with so many options that corrections would be expedited, but that is not the case.  As of today's writing, we are now only taking Agero / Agero Swoop calls with a credit card payment up front.  



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