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YouTube: Denver "Watch at 1hr into it"

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When Liberals Run The Country.

Motor Home Street Life will be in every major city and you thought it was just in California.

At least the officers put up police tape to keep the crazy lady away from the rollback. But,

what happens during the load will leave you shaking your head and she didn't even get it

all in frame. So, we really do not know what happened and who the two men are on the

bed of the rollback.



Have you encountered someone like this with a camera phone at a scene?

note: this Denver corner seems to be a hot spot for abandoned and homeless vehicles.

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Yes Ron, I have encountered these, "citizens",plenty of times. Let it be said that, "I HATE", these individuals who are guilty of being Stupid in Public. This video has all the ear markings of a questionably disturbed individual and comparably to the US Supreme Court case, Cahlinsky v New Hampshire, that said words which, "by their very utterance, inflict injury or tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace and not protected by the second ammendment. That was in 1942 where she could have been arrested. In riot terms, the same would apply to those attempting to incite a riot ... an arrestable offense. In current day use, "fighting words" are also known as, "Hate Speech."  Not so much today where In a seperate case U.S. District Court in Chicago, April 2018, the court stated, "fits of rudeness", aren't illegal as in the use of flipping off the cops. 


Myself and many other have mentioned the phrase, "The New Norm", where these instigators are out and about creating havoc everywhere and trying to bait LE into actions against them. The fact that she has another officer's business card indicates that she follows the cops and creates these interactions. By the meaning of ANTIFA on Wikipedia, she has a similar mentality. While she could have been arrested for interferring with the officer's investigation, the sergeant showed great restraint for meeting her demands and put out yellow police tape. Here, is it possible that she could have been arrested for being a danger to herself and others? Should she have been taken for a psych eval? But, if you noticed, she went another direction at trying to goad the sergeant into arresting her. If you look at her Facebook page, you'll see that she has reqular and frequent anger issues directed at Denver's police where she's posted other videos just like this one.


Phone camera's are the bane of everywhere and every situation. I believe the best advice suggests ignoring the inciter. As this video demonstrates, she eventually went away after she didn't get further recognition and wasn't arrested (don't feed the bears and they'll go elsewhere). IGNORE HER ! ! ! ! But, had she been arrested, her video would have been good evidence of her interferring with the investigation and at minimal, she was in the roadway numerous times when ordered not to be.


As far as loading the tow truck, the young man in the red jacket is seen early-on dealing with police officers soon after 20-minutes and again on the carrier. I think he was in the black Rover or the green MGB. Perhaps those scooters were his and he's reclaiming his property? As far as the load process, there's all kinds of recognizible safety mistakes made that are questionable, but if that's how that company works, it's their liability.


I'll anxiously look forward to the time her vehicle gets stolen and she has to deal with Denver's police department. I believe towers should be in-check with the personal anger management skills when dealing with these fools.         R.





Randall C. Resch

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