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Building Our New Emergency Response Truck

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We had to replace our service truck so we decided to start with a "clean slate". I wanted something to use for our road service, our accident clean up response as well as traffic control to deal with people that don't move over. We thought about a couple of directions and decided on this route...




2018 Ford Transit 250 Van. 1st order is to tint it down a little...lot of glass...




Then we sent it out to have a Interior Shelf unit & divider panel installed...




Went with a composite divider to keep noise & fumes out.




Not sure why the picture size has been limited that I can only get these loaded so I'll continue on another post....









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Yea I want to put more pics in to show the set up. It's getting a Start-All/Compressor system and a flip up LED message board for traffic control on the roof. It should be pretty nice when done....

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Radio installed...



Stock up on absorbent supplies...




New Stihl gas chain saw, electric chain saw & K2 cut saw...




Drawer assortments filled with hardware, fittings & misc. small parts. We added a collapsible latter & made a rack system for the hand tools... 




We have a power inverter to install & the chargers for the Milwaukee tools that are going in the locked cabinet in an organizer.




We are making a seperate battery box & circuit protection system for the rear of the van to keep all of the lighting & power center separate from the chassis. I'll update when we get a little more done...

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That's coming together really nicely  Ed......looking forward to seeing it all finished and out working...


Good luck for the future with it.    9_9



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Finally got the van wrapped. Just so much going on with a big expansion in our shop and busy as hell. It came out pretty good....





Got most of the interior done. The sign board should be on this week...waiting for custom air tanks that should be in this week...





We have been using it & it's earning nicely...


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Looks real nice Ed. A local shop has one of those as a service van for doing road work and trans went out. Large Ford dealer had it a month so far, trans is on backorder. Did you look under it? You need to drop the engine and trans and subframe out the bottom as a unit. Can't just remove the trans. Hopefully you have better luck!!



Check out our website at:  www.cjwagnerinc.com


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