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Jerr Dan wheel scoop pivot point


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I also posted this in the questions section but thought it would be better here, thanks


I was out tonight and noticed the locking pins on my pivot points for the wheel scoops were not engaged down in the wheel grid after I lifted the vehicle.  It seems like there should be shims on the top side of the pivot pin to take up the play so the locking pins will engage.  Everything was tight, the scoops stayed in place and it traveled well with no issues.  I don't see the reason for the pins if they don't engage.  The Vulcan I used to have had pins that dropped in once you installed the scoops.  I looked at the parts breakdown for the wheel grid and it doesn't show shims or washers and my pivot pins do not seem to be worn.  I could make them if I need to, just not sure at this point.


Any thoughts?



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I had a car on the other night that had a tie rod end broken off.  The LF wheel turned out and the pin came disengage from the hole in the bottom of the pivot and allowed the scoop and pivot to turn with the tire.  Didn't loose the car, thankfully, but I made a set of shims today and installed them on the upper side of the main pivot pin to hold the pivot assembly down so the pin cannot come disengaged.  It will not allow it to travel past the hole in that direction anymore but will still allow the pivot to swing out to install and remove the scoops.


Parts break down does not show any shims but without them they can swivel in the wrong direction.  I bought this unit used so I cannot be sure of what was done previously but I don't see any wear that would indicate that is was once tight.  If you are running this type of lift, it is worth taking a look



Stay Safe

A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will ...

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