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Wrong way to weld on a tow truck

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I would love to know what upfitter put that turd together. I would also like to know who at this particular tow company was in charge of inspecting this truck when it was delivered from the dealer. Not for nothing, when I picked up my new truck in 2017, I probably spent 2 hours going over and through EVERYTHING on it with my sales rep. I just spent almost $100,000 on a rig, then your damn sure that truck is going to be absolutley PERFECT. 

That is downright dangerous and dispicable. 

Someone, if not, MULTIPLE people need to lose their jobs over this one.

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Talk about no appreciation for roadside safety. I understand being mad about the condition of your new truck, and I also would be very upset. However, instead of making a video standing on the side of a highway with no vest, no cones and not making an expeditious exit from a dangerous spot to be in would it not be better to save it for when you're back at the shop?

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Waste time trying to hold the bed with the winch. Ran with no bed locks for years. Take your tilt cylinders off and see if the bed flips up without rolling back to transfer weight behind the pivot point. 

Anthony P

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