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TT Roll Over in landfill.

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15 Sep 2006 22:33


Received a call from Murphy's Towing to assist them in the recovery of a rolled over TT-unit at the landfill. Adam Murphy stated that his company used their front end loader to empty the remaining gravel out of the trailer but wanted us to bring in our rotators to lift the truck straight up to prevent any frame damage to the TT unit, where it was a late model expensive unit. After the recovery was completed, Murphy's Towing towed the TT-unit to their main shop.











Why didnt they use there truck to help out? Looks like it wasnt a hard pull was it?
Nice job
Will Cain - Chesapeake Service
BigWheelRecovery said:
even though the request was made by phone when we arrived an determined than Murphy s did a excellent job closing the box as well emptying it, then aligned the unit streight well it was textbook after that ,we just turned the booms a little an she came over nice an gentle. It only shows that it is nice to work together, every one learns an everyone gets paid.
Thanks BOB
nice recovery by the gap in the front bumper frame damage was already there. if it didnt bend the frame rolling over loaded fat chance it will recovering it if you roll it all in a staight line. you folks sure do a great job and take pride in your work glad to see other people share the same as i do
Millers Ring Leaders "ROTATOR"
BigWheelRecovery said:
Well Dan your right we respond to our calls with the info thats given to our dispatcher,this would have been a excellent time to teach our newer crew members how to do a rollover with our 53 Ford an 70 Mack in a perfect area to train ,but like most of us we have payments in the middle of the month also,an like most of us we don t know when our next recovery is coming but we sure know when our next payment is due.
thanks again BOB
would love to see pics of that ford and mack in action. would love to tour your whole operation sometime you guys always have new trucks popping up for various jobs. i must say i look at many many photos on this web site and i admire the fact that every job you guys do i see safety by your team always in order. would love to see that ford in action!!!!!
Danny Cassello - TRPC - East Hartford, CT
Dallas Horton said:
Great job, thanks for sharing._______________________
Dallas Horton
JohnMarsee said:
Good Job regardless of how much equipment was there. Some times customers look at the big picture and little more up front saves them Bunches in end. Then we have those who try to save a dollar now and cost them big time in the end.

But as I look and I see all this equipment, I do all this with one 7035 with the same results. It sure must be nice to have an extra hand!
FMS Mike said:
Gorgeous Trucks!!
BigWheelRecovery said:
John sometimes a tow company will try or do a job with the least equipment because there worried about making a bigger equipment bill for the insurance co. I the intrum because you didn t have the extra wrecked you worked yours to the max or just couldn t hook up to all the area s you should have to keep the tractor streight with the trailor,hence a twisted frame. I here plenty of stories of insurace co. going after towers for secondary damage If you step out of the box for a minute an study how the damage occured you see that improper placement of the wrecker or line location or in most cases not enough equipment to spread out the resistance.Then you have a truck that was a minor repair severly damaged an out of service for a long time,now how much did you save the insurance company ,an how much money did the trucking co. lose. We try to look at the big picture an work smarter,If you don t have a big enough wrecker call a friend or make a friend the insurance will pay an the customer will be back in service sooner. Your bottom line will be greatly improved. some times a short reply gets out of control sorry.
thanks BOB
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