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Adrenalin Rush...Helped Save A Life Today...


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This Topic was started on Tow411 by Eds Towing r55_1559570275.gif back in 2012:


Got a call this afternoon from the County Dispatch to respond to a scene where a man was trapped & pinned under a vehicle. I expedited with the 12 ton and found a guy pinned on his chest & head when he was changing the oil in a van using a scissor jack. There were ambulances & cruisers in the way to get to the front so we felt it was quicker to just get my jack and lift the car off the person. Once free, he was removed & transported to a ball field to be air lifted to a trauma center.




The guy was laying on the cardboard and the front had to lifted since his arm was pinched under the tire. It was tight to get the front but I could of reached it with access. Regardless we had him out in a minute or so. I haven't heard how he made out but hopefully he will be ok. I'll tell ya your heart goes 300 BPM when you get a call like this. I have lifted vehicles off of a dead person before but this was a first where we had an opportunity to do some good!




miracle 1 said:

Pretty awesome feeling I know...Had one several years ago where I had to assist fire and rescue lift a truck up a embankment secure on it's side(as it was at the bottom) and help perform a dash roll using a tree as a dead man cause the cab and frame where partially seperated...In the end a 13 year old boy was saved from certain death and his father was DOA...I never really gave it much thought until some time later when the kid and his mom  approached my wife and I at the grocery store and thanked me for helping him...Until that point, I was met with all kinds of resistance from my wife about being involved with the Towing and Recovery industry..I've not heard a peep since...Congrats on your save,It does the heart good when you can use your skills and common sense to assist others preserve a life...


wreckerman05 said:

Good job Mr Ed--its funny how we react so quick when in a situation like this--good training and skills show up and we dont even have a second thought about putting ourselfs at risk sometimes during a recovery like this----Hope the guy is OK--


mooresbp r55_1559570275.gif said:

You are the man Ed!!


Kelly Neal said:

I know what you mean Ed.  I recieved a call for a dog trapped under a car.  The people didn't call the police but called us and I drove over and lifted the car off the dog.


Randy1 said:

Congrat's on being in the right place at the right time ,as well as having the know how of what to do . As far as the 13 year old , I could not imagine what that child went through as well as how it has changed his life forever .When they came up to you and thanked you it would make a person feel like a king


EdsTowing r55_1559570275.gif said:

Thanks for the comments. I was glad I could help. I noticed today the paper updated the incident and stated how the police, fire fighters & ambulance personnel were able to lift the van and free the man....Like Bob from BWR always says - we don't get any recognition!




mushspeed r55_1559570275.gif said:

Ed ...........You are a Diamond !!!!  Commonsense and logic prevailed when the chips were down for the guy and you got it done.....

Over the Years..... just like you,      I have done numerous extracations including several life saving lifts, but the fire and rescue service always get the recognition !!

The media seem to always forget about the Recovery Man.

But We Know Better !!!! 


Wade200 said:

Good job. I was about to say before you posted that other link...don't expect any form of compliment, we usually don't.  Of course in a situation like that, who cares.



Rodney P r52_1559570274.gif said:

Thanks Ed, job well done.


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