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Unusual Horse Transport


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This topic was originally created on Tow411 by Lake Erie Lenny back in 2012:


Been Towing Now For 25Yrs.,Received A Phone Call From A Vetrenarian Requesting If I Could Transport A Dead Horse To Cornell University In Ithaca New York,I Paused For a Moment,Replied I Guess,She Told Me That It Was No Joke, That A Owner Of This Race Horse Wanted To Have An Autopsy Done To See The Cause Of Death, She Offered Me A Great Payment For This Service So I Flatbeded It To The College.  I Guess I'll Do Just About Anything To Make a $$$$!


JustAnotherHooker said:

Guess you can't beat a dead horse !


miracle 1 said:

Dispatched to one several years ago, a sheriffs office rotation pulled up in the Century 612 and there was no car at that point I see the dead horse...Until arriving no one mentioned it being a horse...I jokingly asked the deputy if he'd like it at their impound lot for investigation....I had no back up to call so, I transported it with the boom and strapped off to the wheel lift for the tow to the landfill for burial.....Got the strangest looks when I zip tied the tow lights to it....Out here your likely to be called to anything at any given point.......




EMETOW said:

One of the first loads carried by a car carrier in the state of Rhode Island, by the only one in existence at that time, was a buffalo that had escaped from the zoo and died from exhaustion from being run across Rt. 95 through traffic. (early 70's)


DodgeTowGuy134 r54_1559570275.gif said:

JustAnotherHooker beat me to that joke....hahaha


doingitall r54_1559570275.gif said:

I too do a few of those a year, not always horses but larger farm animals. Sometimes after an escapee gets hit, and sometimes someone just needs the animal moved to another location for burial and has no other way to get moved. The ones that are hit are sometimes a real mess, but usually get it done without incident. If I know the call is for an animal, I usually load up my smaller tractor/loader and take it along, makes the job a lot easier to unload.


annettemcd said:

Does TowSpecs.com have tie-down points for horses and cows? When we run our conventional boom truck, since many of our collisions are vehicle vs. moose, we sometimes had to clear the moose off the highway and occasionally considered using the boom to hang the carcass while doing the butchering.



KirbysTowing said:

A few times a year we get a horse or a cow struck by a vehicle that has to be taken back to the farm. It's usually a messy situation that I don't much care to do, but it pays just as good as an accident with a car does.



interstow said:

I once had a request to move a dead whale for the state museum system. They wanted to move it to a farm and bury it so they could come back to reclaim the skeleton. They said it was approximately 25 ft. long. I told them my bed was only 21 ft. long and they replied, No Problem...we just cut the tail off and strap it on seperately... No Thanks... I think one of the local city depts took care of it.


sheridan said:

We have hauled dead horses to from the city corals to the landfill. Did it with our heavy duty with cables around its feet. Even had a AAA card pulled out for doing this once. Someplace I have a picture about this one.


rlc4523 said:

we've gotten a couple to get horses out of the mud but unfortunatley they were to far off the beaten path for us to get to them.


njChuck said:

Sad, but as long as the CHECK clears, then off you go.


rlc4523 said:

exactly what njChuck said.........you load it, tarp it, strap it down, and only you and the customer know what your hauling.


Catfish4206 said:

I used to manage a restaurant and one day a wrecker with a dead horse on it stopped in to get a bite to eat! Funniest looking thing I have ever seen. I told them to immediatly leave. I know they were hungry, but I didnt need people thinking I sold horsemeat. I laughed about that one for a long time.


dragonwaganII said:

theres a number of cattle farms around here but only had maybe 3 or 4 over many years picking up live stock . Worst was an amish farm , 7 work horse got out on a main road , they were between guardrails when a medium duty truck hit them . Killed all 7 , 1 went through the windshield of the truck . Roof went up , doors out , looked like a bomb had went off in the truck . Driver survived . When i pulled up i was thinking WTH happened here , there was blood washing down the road like a small river . I dealt with the truck , county rd commision sent out a loader and dump truck plus the fire dept washed down the road .

Trying to hook up that truck made a garbage truck seem like a bed of roses .


Hvywreckerw900 said:

We hauled one years a go for a friend. I didnt go. I would if I had to but if I have a choice it is umm no thanks.



In Memory of Towing Grandfather who said:

Years ago one of our drivers had put a large black bear on the flatbed after it caused a accident on the NYS Thruway Both car and bear came in on the flatbed.


FMS Mike said:

1st Company CT Governors Horse Guard had one die on them one day and we hauled it back to their barn. Odd but it pays!




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I have moved a cow and a mule, not a horse yet but I'm sure that call will come in someday. Why did I move them, cause the roadway had to be cleared and the farmers couldn't get tractor out there fast enough. Both paid without any issues.

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