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Tow Truck Industry Event Withdrawals


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How many are having Tow Show & Event Withdrawals?


Las Vegas - Ohio - Tennessee - Maryland are only a few...


Did you have plans to attend a towing event that was canceled?


Are you looking forward to a tow show or event in 2021?

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I was scheduled for four tow shows and the Wall of the Fallen Memorial, but realized this Covid thingy was just too dangerous to risk. We're on hold waiting to see what the future brings and we'll jump off that bridge if the time comes. I'm trying to stay in-touch on TowForce and the other means. Accordingly, I've got too much time on my hands.       R.

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Randall C. Resch

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I have been super sad panda all year because I had planned on attending Tenn, Maryland and making a good effort to go to Florida this year. I only get the chance to go every few years and this was my year. Might be another 3 or 4 years before I can arrange to get away again..😢


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That's Not Many... Sounds Like a Holiday Song! I'm sure there are others having withdrawals.


At least list the shows you're looking forward to in 2021. Yes am projecting there will be shows.

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The UK's  premier  show    the  Professional Recovery Tow Show......     due to be held week 3 of October   2020  was cancelled today because of the growing second spike of Covid 19 currently sweeping the country with several local lockdowns being imposed ...and a government imposition of a maximum of 6 people meeting in groups indoors or out doors..... hows that going to work ?????    we have some real turkeys in our govt !!!


This lousy disease ain't  going away any time soon  !!


What really sucks ....I am part of the team putting together a first ever in the UK  Historic Tow Truck Display  at the show and we had almost 30 different trucks promised ....to include a first world war motorcycle and sidecar, several pre war and post war military vehicles....plus a selection of  twin booms of different makes ...plus several lightweight lift and tow  vehicles.

nothing newer than 30 years old ....


Hopefully 2021 will show a different picture  and we can all get back to some sort of normality ..


Meanwhile you all stay safe and well...





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Wow. I am sorry to hear that there is another spike of this mess going on over there Mr. Coupland. It is still a disaster over here as well as all the other crap going on over here. Sounds like you were well on your way to setting up an awesome display of vintage gear at your show over there.

You are one of the people I was hoping to meet in person from Tow Force at one of this years state side tow shows. ( If you had planned to jump the pond this year for any of them ).

Maybe next year.

Stay safe Sir. 

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Yes Grumps..       We too, have all sorts of other nonsense going on besides the virus...


As regards the historic display .... I am very disappointed it cannot come to fruition this year ....


but we are in the process of putting together a database of historic  towing vehicles in preservation throughout the UK and hopefully we can do some sort of online museum...in the future ...


I had planned on going to Chattanooga for the Hall of Fame and Wall of the Fallen ceremonies ....Had flights booked too !!   and Baltimore in November ....plus a couple of other trips...all cancelled   ( because of my age, I cant get covid cover on my travel insurance )    that really sucks !!


hopefully the scientists can come up with a vaccine soon ...then we can all get back to some sort of normal and I look forward to meeting up and shaking your hand ...


With Best Regards,





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Hi John ... I hope you and Miss Aileen are doing well and you too are able to hide from the virus. I was looking forward to seeing you again and exchanging stories of this and that. We're you going to enter a vintage wrecker or your customer semi (tractor) you just finished? In the mean time, take care and stay busy on the forums. I always look forward to reading your wordly information and advice. Bye the way ... where did you hang your Hall of Fame award? Be Well.       R.

Randall C. Resch

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Hello Randall ....yes thanks  Aileen and I  are keeping  well .....I hope Christine and you are keeping safe too .....


Aileen enjoying the late summer sun 






We have managed to get to a couple of Trucking Shows  and I have won the best kept American Truck category in both events with my  Peterrbilt  379 ...and "best illuminated at night"  at 1 show ...plus we have done a couple of large convoys for cancer research charities..


Here is a couple of pictures of stuff at the show ....note the absence of large crowds  due to Covid restrictions 











Our peterbilt..lit up at night ...






I had planned on taking my Autocar to the historic vehicle display at the tow show ...but ...alas ...not to be.... this year 





There is a trucking event about 100 miles from us  planned for next weekend....despite the current lockdown restrictions in place ....the show is going ahead...at the moment .....but ...we shall wait in anticipation...things are moving so fast at the moment ....  nobody knows for sure what is happening tomorrow...if I get there I will post some pictures...I did however spot this at the last event ...and a candidate for our virtual database 





It is very sad and extremely frustrating that we are so restricted ....sort of every thing is on hold and the industry cannot come together at these important  events 


However,  I do enjoy reading your very informative articles and posts....whilst legislation and cultures between our countries are slightly different....


The goal is exactly the same  !!!   Safety,  Quality service, training, " slow down move over ",  quality equipment levels and best working practices.....


 I am absolutely sure that every one of us in the business  has got numerous different stories to tell and will agree that you never stop learning in this job ...no matter how long you have been at it ....

My Hall of Fame award is proudly hung above my office desk...


Meanwhile...stay safe and well my friend..


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