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44,000lbs Coil hit speed bump

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Note: This topic originally appeared on Tow411 in 2010


j hook 74 said:

Looks like you need some snatch blocks in those lines. The lines also look real close to the sheave heads. A little more stick and some blocks and you should be OK on the next one. Another thing is when lifting that much weight I try to keep it close. It is less wear and tear on your wrecker. A thought would be to take the underreach off and get closer to it. Nice truck.


heavytrainee said:

How much did the coil weigh?


danielswt said:

Does that truck have a hidden drop axle under the boxes?



littleswap said:

Daniel i'm pretty sure its the steer axle.


Jesse Trgo
Interstate Towing
Macedonia, Ohio


heavytrainee said:

From the side it looks like it does


NoLimitsJeff said:

Yes the truck has a 12,000lb drop axle tucked under the tool boxes just like the v-100 that we used to have here at the shop.The coil weighed 44,000Lbs.


In Memory of Lasvegasrotator60 who said:

Agree with jhook 74 blocks would be nice to see in the lines! 3/4 wire rope is rated for 15,000lbs roughly so each line is over it's swll by 7,000lbs, thats to much for me to stomach. As a side note taking the underlift off makes no difference since the unit slides. The boom would be at the same extension if not slide back with the lift off.


j hook 74 said:

Correct about the boom being at the same extension. But, Being a 50 ton the boom is rated at 40k on second stage fully extended. If the underlift was off the unit would slide back and therefore would not have to extend so much to be within the boom ratings. Although I have seen similar units lift way more the key if I am not mistaken is to not overwork your unit if you dont have to and stay within your rated capacities if something should go wrong. Just a little CYA. Although from the looks of it it seems the boom is not fully at its second stage.


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