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Too Much Pony

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We received this call from the local state police barracks for a single vehicle crash. My dad showed up in a rollback and immediately called me for some assistance. It seems they left out the part where the car smacked a parked tractor trailer and went screaming into the woods backwards.imagejpeg_0(3).thumb.jpg.6313dc3bc3229a6e9892f9ae0f2c4931.jpg


The owner of the tractor was adamant about leaving his tractor there until his agent came and refused to let us tow it, so we had to winch the car around it. Both front control arms were ripped off in the crash so both front wheels were only hanging on by the strut, making steering the car out fun. Once out of the woods the car was loaded on the bed and brought back to our yard. According to the expiration date on the temp tag, the owner had the car for just under a week.


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Goner for sure.. Nice work on the recovery Sir.

It always seems to be mustangs that get wrecked right off the lot. Maybe it is the price of them is too low and these young kids and moron drivers can afford them. Too much high performance car for the price type of deal maybe. At least it didnt plow through a crowd of people standing on the corner.. That was such an issue for a while with mustang guys trying to show off at car meets and swaps. They would run out of talent and plow through the crowd. A buddy of mine who happens to be a mustang affectionanado thought it would be cute to get a custom set of plates for his Shelby that read crwdcntrl ( crowd control ) 



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1 hour ago, GRUMPS The Towman said:

It always seems to be mustangs that get wrecked right off the lot.

Some years ago when the latest generation of Shelby 350's came out, we had one get destroyed w/ 200 miles on it...2nd day he owned it. Paid like $75,000 for a car that had a MSRP for like $40 grand....Crashed through a bridge railing, rolled over & landed upside down in the creek....total junk. Unfortunately the camera chip got lost cause it would of made for some great pics...

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