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another use for air bags (from 2007)  

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25 Feb 2007 02:29

Double T Towing Wrote:

got a call for a couple of 6,000 lbs coils that shifted took air bag trailer out and this is what i found and what we did
karl collette - double t towing - griffith indiana -
traa level II mt 6423 - wreckmaster 051025 6/7a


Ed Barker said:

We use ours a lot on load shifts,they sure make short work of those jobs.



keithrickstowing said:

im happy it worked for you guys BUT who assumes responsibility if the side splits?these trailers are not made like they used to be.

keith klos
Rosson & Troilo


Scott Burrows said:

We have set the crossbar of the underlift against the outside of the trailer wall to add support.


towing4u said:

yes scott, i agree i have done several for the railroad with the same problem we usually put a crossbar against it or move it close to something to keep the sidewall intact.


Ed barker said:

We usually put a sheet of 3/4 plywood along the wall for extra support but some times you can't get it in there,we have stretched the walls pretty good but luckily have never damaged one,sometimes it also helps to put a little soapy water under what your moving to break the friction,we also always secure the load with boards spiked to the floor after we shift a load.Usually there is always a 12-18 inch double layer of steel along bottom of trailer wall,if you get your bag against this it will also help support the wall.banner4.jpg


kyd9055 said:

nice job karl. but where's the pic's of the new tator in use?
60tonner said:
We have had our bags for a couple of months and have used them multiple times it makes for such an easier job keep up the good work.
Berts112 said:
Good work karl. Nice to see ya runnin the bags. a little wall support couldn't hurt though
Scooby said:
very nice karl, may I ask how much time this took??
tks for posting
Double T Towing said:
thanks for all the comments guys. I have done this a couple of times this way and the side of the trl never move if it would of i would of stop and put wall support in place. But i have never had a problem yet with blowing the side of a trailer out i allways make sure i stay at the bottom of the trl which is stronger than the middle of the side.

ok scooby it took about 30 min. for start to finish plus travel time back and to job.

brandon look in tator patch there is some pics there of it hook to that truck for the toll road.
karl collette - double t towing - griffith indiana
traa level II mt 6423 - wreckmaster 051025 6/7a
Scooby said:
thats nice karl, 30 min..lol
I would imagine the biggest/tuffest part of the job was carrying the bag, pump, and manifold over to the rear of the trailer...lol
I can't stress enough how these jobs are handled easily, and with the most minimal manpower. And to add, maximizes the $$$
thanks karl, I look forward in hearing from ya next week

howie aka scoobysales, service and specialized training serving both the rescue & towing/recovery professions
Double T Towing said:
howie if you look in the pic of the manifold our trl is preety much set up that you don't have to move the compessor at all unless you can't get close enough to the job makes it easy for one guy to do this types of calls .
karl collette - double t towing - griffith indiana
traa level II mt 6423 - wreckmaster 051025 6/7a
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