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A little off of the driveway...

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Louw Wrote:


18 Dec 2017 17:55

Came out a lot nicer then the drivers first attempt. Driver pulled a lil to hard and snapped his rope before asking for a lil assistance. Had plenty of room for 2 trucks.

Passenger side rim was flat against a root and chassis was resting on the qp driveway. A little lumber under the tire to get it up as it was pulled. No pics of passenger side tire. I kept at the controls and checking rigging. Nice lil Holmes tree to the side in a good spot and made a one line pull into a 2 line pull. Came out like butter and did not slide down the hill. Which that was my fear by pulling on one point.

Thanks for looking.  20171218_110214.jpg 20171218_105649.jpg

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