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An Over $18,000 Towing Bill (IL)


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Like many other news reports that don't have all the fact, this story (at face value) doesn't have enough meat to explain the tow bill. And, in similar situations of over-charging, it doesn't necessarily show whether or not a tow company had their own heavy or they called a buddy-tow and marked-up the invoice ... stranger things happen. Perhaps trucking companies should develop their own list of preferred towers as a source while keeping in-mind, law enforcement may call their area (rotation) tow companies where congestion and public safety requires fast response.     R.

Randall C. Resch

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I was thinking the same thing. They didnt tell the whole story and usually never do. Did they have to cut down the tree? Clean up debris? Possibly had to make quick repairs to air lines or whatnot for towing? Tow both the tractor and trailer? Split the units which would require another truck to haul the wagon?Did they have to deliver his load? Have they been babysitting it for 2 months? 

Now of course It could be a case of overcharging, But without all the facts, Who are we to judge, Right??



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Somewhere I remember reading ... "Innocent UNTIL proven guilty." Obviously, the media is always quick to throw proverbial rocks at the tow company and failed to find the REAL story. That's piss poor journalism as far as I'm concerned.     R.  



Randall C. Resch

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I could agree with  Mr. Resch and Grumps until you get to  1:49 in that video.  That does it for me, both invoices with the same invoice number and a 5K difference in price.  We talk about professionalism and we have companies out there doing things like this.  The part that is the most disturbing is that all towers are all seen in this negative light due to a few.  How do we police ourselves to stop these practices from those type of companies?

A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a great friend will ...

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