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Tower Injured: Baltimore, MD 08.01.20

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The Information is that a Tow Operator with Blake's Towing in Baltimore, MD. was struck today!


Posted on Baltimore Metro Breaking News Page







Note: this proves tow operators are not safe even when working the non traffic side.


Tow Truck Driver Injured After Being Struck By Vehicle On Side Of I-695 In Parkville


PARKVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — Maryland State Police are investigating a crash that injured a tow truck operator working on the side of the road in Baltimore County.


The victim is identified as Antonio Martinez, 38, of Baltimore. He was taken to Shock Trauma for treatment.


The driver of the Saturn Ion involved in the crash is identified as Purcell Montague, 72, of Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Charges are pending the outcome of the investigation and consultation with the Baltimore County State’s Attorney, according to police.


Montague was taken to the hospital by EMS personnel. The other passenger in his car was uninjured in the crash.

Shortly before 3:30 p.m. Saturday, police, along with Martinez, were clearing vehicles from an earlier crash on I-695 in Parkville.


All emergency vehicles on the side of the road had their emergency equipment activated and all activity was on the left shoulder, police said.


Police said, for reasons unknown at this time, Montague swerved to the left and struck Martinez who was on the shoulder behind the parked tow truck.


The Saturn subsequently traveled up the tow bed, which was lowered and struck the vehicle on the tow bed, according to police.


Maryland State Police from the Golden Ring Barrack on the scene immediately rendered aid to Martinez until emergency medical service personnel arrived.


EMS personnel from the Baltimore County Fire Department responded and transported Martinez to the hospital.


The investigation remains ongoing.




UPDATED PRESS RELEASE from Maryland state Police



Antonio Martinez, a 38-year-old tow-truck driver, remains in critical condition.






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Posted (edited)

I'm confident in saying there's NO PLACE safe for tow operators to work on highway scenarios. But, take the overall number of tow operators killed in on-highway events, I only know of two fatalities of more than 357x archived highway fatalities where the operators were killed on the non-traffic side. I'm praying this tower overcomes his injuries.      R.

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Randall C. Resch

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All we can do is hope and pray the tow operator survives. Then we’re left with terrible thoughts about the driver who did this to him. Thoughts and prayers. 

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On a side note ... Thank You Doreen for your continued kind words and prayers in regards to tow operators struck. The industry is lucky to have you as a supporter. I personally would like to recognize your efforts and participation on TowForce. Your words are appreciated and don't go unnoticed.   R.

Randall C. Resch

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Hi BJ from Australia. It's ALWAYS exciting to have "International Members" on the site ... Great to have you here. From my investigative eye, I’d guess that the car on the pavement, the Saturn Ion, lost control when approaching the earlier accident where, Antonio Martinez, was called by Baltimore’s Highway Patrol to transport. From position of the Saturn and what I surmise, the Saturn’s driver couldn’t stop for backed up traffic OR was distracted by whatever before looking up to see they couldn’t stop in-time. The Saturn’s driver swerved to the center-divider and plowed into the rear of the carrier and the loaded SUV. This is a common occurrence where approaching vehicle’s plow into tow trucks and continue forward to strike tow operators, or into tow operators first and then tow trucks. In this crash, the suspect vehicle didn’t strike as such an angle to send it up-and-over a tilted carrier’s deck. My comments are only a guestimation as to what likely happened and comparable to many other accidents just like this one.      R.

Randall C. Resch

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