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CarJacking 2020

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There seems to be a new trend in car jacking and most are juveniles doing the carjacking. It's the bump and run, they pick a person driving alone and bump their car from behind. As the person exits their vehicle and approaches them they pull a gun on them as one of their riders who has gotten out to look at it runs around and take off with the car.


Let your family and friends know that carjackings are on a serious rise as such crimes of opportunity increase.


These parents left there children is an unlocked running vehicle. This is why I make our daughter lock the doors if we leave her in the car to run in someplace. We all have done this at one time or another when someone doesn't want to get out of the vehicle for a few minutes.




This carjacker shot 3 police officers that did not properly search him. I hesitate to say that a number of officers in a effort to be less aggressive are taking chances which increase their risk factor. Was this the case, I don't know....




Why is this important to the towing community, because crime escalates and so does the game. These carjackers may choose larger vehicles such as box trucks, tow trucks and even semi's. Think about it, most a automatic transmissions these days so they don't even have to know how to drive a manual. Protect yourself, your family and those you work with by educating them on the dangers. If this post prevents one injury, it was worth making...

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Here's another reason to get out of California. But, why ... why would any parent leave their most prescious commodities in a vehicle for the sake of running into the store or on an errand? It's even more-so dangerous to let your school-aged child walk to school. Bump and run techniques are not new in creating false claims for insurance fraud or be set-up for robbery. I wrote an article in Towman year's back noting nothings' changed based on the number of tow truck related "non-towing" crimes. In today's world, parents have to be smarter to plan accordingly as these thugs are becoming more and more brazen. Thanks for posting this reminder Ron as We send our prayers to the family who lost their daughter.     R.

Randall C. Resch

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