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Re: What's Going On ? ?


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Having watched news headlines in the past few days and especially for the towing and recovery industry ... I can only ask,  "WHAT'S GOIN' ON  ?  ?  ?"


Here's the newest punch in the industry's face. Tow trucks running from the cops, people being pushed from a moving tow truck and run over and KILLED, tow truck driver allegedly trying to drive over the cops, cops shooting at tow trucks? What the HELL is going on?  News video link below bad audio:



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Randall C. Resch

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An undetermined number of tow truck drivers not operators have little to no respect for police officers. These are not career tow truck operators, these are the warm bodies that companies are putting behind the wheel. They are unskilled, untrained and unaware of their actions. The companies either do not care or have no other option. Like a Bad Cop which nationally is under 1.8 percent of all police officers. a factor of 1 in 50 tow truck drivers being Bad reflects on an entire industry. That's what we're dealing with and have dealt with for years.

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And to add just a bit to what Tow Zone touched on, It is ONLY that those 1% of bad tow drivers ( They are NOT operators. That title is earned ) are the ones that get any publicity or "recognition" for lack of a better term. And THAT is what fuels the publics perspective of our industry.  We, The honest, hardworking professional operators of this industry are the forgotten ones that the public and the media could care less about. We dont make for a good story or t.v. ratings.  


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I've followed this case closely to learn that the Super Duty tow truck was reportedly stolen from a construction site. The subject in-custody was  sought for numerous felony warrants. I'm releived to hear that a tow truck driver wasn't involved. What a weird chain of events.     R.

Randall C. Resch

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