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Re: Another Example of White-Line Ignorance

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From another tow forum, one tower posted a picture of his injured back citing that someone on the highway failed to slow-down and move-over and brushed by him. Based on his comments, it suggests he was working on the white-line side of traffic when he narrowly excaped injury.


For years, I've been teaching that the entire load process for wheellifts and carriers (on the highway) can be done entirely from the non-traffic side when practiced with an emergency mindset.  Now, hold-on a sec, this process doesn't include the perfect four-point tie-down or the addition of complete safety chains, straps or extension lights. What the process means, load the vehicle in the fastest possible manner, secure the non-passenger side restraints, and then, drive to the first, widest or safest location where the load and tie-down process can be completed. If that means getting off the highway ... so be it.


I dislike hearing towers who say, "I've never been hit", or, "It hasn't happened to me yet." There has to be a culture change where towers fully understand the deadly process of working highway shoulders. To that I'll say, "Pain is a powerful motivator", and I'll bet this young tower is (hopefully) enough to have learned a valuable lesson. Maybe my choice using the word, "ignorance", is unfair, but what does it take to get the point across? Being "unfair" doesn't say it like it is ... work off the white-line and increase the odds of survival. Because SDMO doesn't work and won't work into the future, survival is an individual mindset where staying away from traffic is a conscious choice.      R.



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Randall C. Resch

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I find that more that half of the drivers which complain about being struck have both placed themselves in the danger zone for more time then they needed to be there. Being they could have both worked the truck away from the traveled lanes and worn proper ANSI Clothing. I find that the Guardian Angel light on the right side of my belt is a benefit as well. The side side is the side of my body most visible and I can place it on my shoulder if needed. I really should have placed my second Guardian Angel there last night. It's a habit, we're due to get tactical vests in a few months. I'll likely leave the other one on it at all times.

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Hey Ron ... tactical vests (?) That's a discussion we've had before so I'm curious as to what the deciding factor was? Is it all this civil unrest or still a towing problem, or bother? Just interested. Thanks.     R.

Randall C. Resch

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Randall, it's related to the current situation regarding civil unrest. Never before have we seen the level of attacks on anyone associated with the police. While the majority are not physical and the danger may not even be aimed at the tow truck operator, the fire fighter, the EMS worker, even the trash collectors which many now carry guns. It is present in the inner city, those is rural communities do not have the same danger level.


Then again when you go into a rural community many towers have been carrying for years without an issue. This is the reason I stated in another topic that a tow operator should always without delay call a police officer when the is a subject down in a vehicle. I know that many will attempt to wake that driver unaware that the majority of the time even a police officer will not do this without back up. Think about it, what is that tow truck driver waking up. It sure is not the same drunk from 20, 30, 40 years ago. Back then an officer or a tow truck driver thinking they were doing a person a favor would give them a ride home. Especially a tow truck operator who might be sympathetic to the individual and their situation.


Today that could get one injured as the dangers service personals face has increased. Officers are at a higher risk and tow truck operators are at a higher risk. Ask the motor clubs what percentage of companies will send a driver out between midnight and 6am compared to a year ago. You will be amazed how many have chosen to refuse or delay that service call. Do I blame them, not if they are untrained, unarmed and unprepared.

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