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Who Else is Running Hard this Month?


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OK, so I don't get on here much and I try to devote time to catch up once ot twice a week.


Fact is we're running at 110 percent this month even running 30 percent fewer motor clubs.  Dad says as long as this keeps up we will be adding that 25 or 35 ton by fall. I suspect that will be late fall. My question is Are You Running Hard and Are You Near a 100% of norm or over like US? Gotta be more seeing this open up than just us. Travelers have added the additional 10% and our shop is benefiting from it. WE don't run AAA except back up, however our shop has a AAA sign from the 50's or 60's hanging outside. Since we're the only shop in town with the sign, we think folks tend to turn in here. Well, hope everyone is running hard, I got the night off, gotta hit it again tomorrow...

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I dont feel like I am at 100% for this time of year, but we are doing pretty good considering there is no college kids. But of course there is no college this time of year anyway. L.E. tows are WAY down and almost non -existent. All my account work is steady. This is usually my slow time of the year.

Glad to hear your business is running well 

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In prior summers we stay stay through the week and then we get busy Friday afternoon when everyone gets done work and heads to the shore and stay busy through Monday morning when everyone leaves the shore and heads to work. This year, however, with a lot of people out of work or working remotely it seems that every day is a Friday. We were down 40% at the beginning of the pandemic, and July seems to be on track to be about 10-15% over average. Add to that the fact we've been 2 drivers short since February and can't find anyone who wants to give up the additional $600 a week from unemployment and it's been a fun time.

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