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The IVR Recommended Daily Checks - Equipment and vehicle checks required with transporter recovery units

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This is a well put together presentation  by  Mark Hartell   on behalf of the UK  Institute of Vehicle Recovery....


On how we  recommend to carry out the legal requirements when preparing and operating  a  slide bed   ( Rollback )  transporter....and the associated record keeping 


The principal applies to all  Towtruck and Recovery vehicles   no matter what size or configuration they take...  obviously the larger and more complex  the vehicle is, the checks take longer  and have to be more comprehensive .....


We think this video sets out reasonable workable guidelines to maintain a satisfactory level of safety  checks before committing the vehicle to work ..


It is only natural some operators will have different  systems in place ...maybe even more rigourous than we have recommended .


Equally ...I see many operators that have little or no systems in place.....and that HAS to change... or the enforcement agencies will clamp down and make it hard for every one...


Please watch the clip and I hope you find it of some value  and  invite any constructive comments that we may find useful in our procedures...


We dont have all the perfect solutions or ideas....but this does work for us ...


Meanwhile....wear all of your PPE, face masks, gloves, eye protection and sanitizers .....Keep safe ..Keep distancing....Keep well 



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