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Re: Operator Responsibility - Failure to Secure


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A local flatbed carrier with a Mercedes SUV passed me on the highway yesterday as I was headed to San Diego. The carrier was in the fast lane doing 75 or so with a single J-Hook to the rear. I really get annoyed when I see carriers and towed cars without safety straps and safety chains. Usually, like in this case, the carrier's operator has just one J-Hook to the rear and it’s full speed ahead. It happens all the time. God help the tower who has a car disconnect while in-process of moving a car across the street of across town.


Recently, the news reported that a tow truck driver in Chicago was ticketed for not securing a loaded vehicle that fell off his carrier and struck another motorist’s car. The driver of the other vehicle said the vehicle fell off the tow truck, striking hers. The tow truck driver told police he thought he secured the vehicle properly and didn't expect it to come off.


“I thought the vehicle was secured”, is the wrong answer when it comes to injuring or killing someone. Did you or didn’t you? With that in-mind, if you witness a carrier without straps, or a proper tie-down, should you dial the tow company’s name and mention it?  Does it do any good or should you simply mind your own business and let fate take its path?      R.

Randall C. Resch

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Being friends with a few ( not all ) of the other local companies owners around here, If i do see one of their guys doing something unsafe or just downright stupid, i do give my buddy a call and let him know he needs to "train" his operator on the issue. As some of you may know from reading my other posts, I am the little guy in town. A 2 man band. But the owner and his family of the biggest company in town is a very good friend of mine. We have cross-trained together, Helped each other out on big jobs, Loaned each other gear and equipment and I have even done some "unoffical" carrier recovery training for his new guys for him. So basically we do try to watch out for one another. As far as the guys out there that I dont know, they are on their own. I just do my best  stay clear of the impending disaster


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