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Every Man Must Know His Limitations...

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My dad always said "Every Man Must Know His Limitations"...Words that I have used often through my life. The other day I got a call for a Rolloff Truck that blew the rears out. Got on scene and found that it had a 40 yard can on it as well. It was 90 some deg. and I wasn't looking forward to pulling axles so I figured I would try it backwards. The truck wouldn't roll at all...not even freewheel and I found a small junkyard on the ground under the power divider where it grenade'd the housing...




After hooking up which was WAY too easy...I stepped back and took a look...not too good. I could see me steer was light. I can tell on my truck when it gets bad - my steering wheel is vertical instead of horizontal....and my wheel was turned like a clock! So I moved it to a better area and dropped it to rehook to the front. Spent over an hour getting the axles out since they were bound up. Aired it up & on my way...




One of my guys caught me at he lights...




Times like these I wish I had a counter weight...

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