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Re: A Serious Topic: End of Life Decisions

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Hi All … I hope you and your businesses are all doing as well as can be expected as this COVID thingy marches on. And, that hope extends to your physical health and that of your families.


I want to share the news about, Ronald Archambault, a sixty-one year-old, Massachusetts tow operator, husband and father who passed away June 11, 2020, due to complications of COVID-19. In a whirlwind series of events, Ronald became sickened around May 16th and within twenty-seven days, he died. In addition to Ronald’s passing, his wife, Shirley, of 30-years, now is currently in intensive care on a ventilator with extreme COVID.


The story of Ronald’s passing and the struggles his family has endured bring the constant reminder that life is short and that family is everything. On this Father’s Day weekend, Christine and I were lucky enough to share the day with some of our kids and grandkids. Using Ronald’s story as the catalyst for conversation, our conversation initiated some clear-cut decisions that ultimately have to be made whenever that time comes. We adults talked about the uncertainty of the world and current events, while at the same time, we discussed those, “What if”, questions that are always hard to approach.


Although we don’t know the Archambault family, we are proud of their children, Rhiannon and Rebecca, who are forced to make tough decisions. As time goes forward, Christine and I send our prayers in hopes they call on their faith and their mother survives the virus. From the link below, please take time to read the article and think how you and your family would handle catastrophic events similar to these?           R.



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Randall C. Resch

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