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Dealing w/ Covid Rules...Isuzu Tow

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Working in the Army Depot the other day...With COVID-19 issues, it's probably easier to get in to a Rolling Stones concert for free.... LoL




Eddie had to do the forehead scan, the mask, background check & full inspection of the wrecker....



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Army bases are tough enough to get in even without the covid deal going on. Fort Drum up here is a nightmare to get in. I get it though. our military installations need to be kept secure. Like you stated, complete backround check, all documentation on the truck is not only looked at but fully verified and a full dot style inspection and search. Then due to having tools and supplies on board that could be used as weapons, I had to have an MP escort go with me on base. just to go into a parking lot about 500' inside the fence. Even being a retired combat vet didnt get me any leeway for entry to pick up a disabled vehicle. I am actually surprised they allowed you to take the picture. I wasnt allowed to remove my phone from my pocket.

There are Tow Truck Drivers, Then There is Towing and Recovery operators...... Which one are you??🤨

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