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Rollback controls ~ very old post ~


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Originally posted by: DW Carter 07-07-2004


I've got a 2002 Jerr Dan Shark that has the aluminum control levers. They have plastic bushings in the levers. Every so often we have to take it apart and lube to prevent levers from sticking. Got any ideas? Been using a light grease, just doesn't last very long. Thanks.


orcas tow said:


Are the bushings such a close tolerance that they require greasing, could it be that the grease is collecting dust & gumming them up? What about cleaning them & running them dry?, I know Jerrdan does not want you to grease the new deck slides, they are designed to work without grease at all, maybe the lever bushings are the same way, what does Jerr dan say?


DW, on one side of the control valve there are dust covers held on with two screws. Take the dust covers off and clean the rust out of these covers. This stopped the sticking when I owned a jerr Dan.


Towshark said:


One thing to do is to back off on the nut a little that attaches the aluminum handles to the steel control rods on the specific handles that are sticking and see if that loosens it up. The side plates that the round rod that goes through (the rod the handles rotate on). Loosen that plate and make sure there is not binding and tighten it back up.

If not, Jerr-Dan will replace sticking handles at no cost to you if you call the service parts 18009269666 and go to the service parts prompt. They informed me that a few batches of handles came in from their vendor that had a tighter tolerance than was called out on their print but It was only realized when people started calling about sticking handles.


DWCarter said:


Thanks TOWSHARK. Horton Truck and Equipment is fixing me up with the new handles.DW Carter WM92343

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