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  1. Snowstorm Pushing Tow Truck Drivers To The Limit
  2. TowForce

    Visit the PolyBody® by UPF at ATE in Baltimore!

    I have one on those, they're great Get yours early, they go as fast as Jerr Dan socks. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  3. Nov. 8 (UPI) -- Police were called to the back yard of a Las Vegas home to help a tow truck driver hoist a U-Haul truck out of an empty swimming pool. The Las Vegas Police Department said officers were dispatched about 8:50 a.m. Wednesday on a request to keep the peace while Jose Norena of Big Valley Towing worked on getting the moving truck out of the empty pool. "You never realize what people do until you become a tow truck driver," Norena told KSNV-TV. "When we got the call originally, we kind of didn't believe it. We needed some visual evidence, so we asked for a picture. In fact, the truck was in the pool," he said. Big Valley Towing posted a video to Facebook showing truck with a large pulley being used to hoist the U-Haul out of the pool. The company said the driver's shoelace became stuck on the accelerator when he was pulling into the driveway and the truck ended up in the backyard pool. Norena said the operation will cost the U-Haul driver about $3,000. "The set-up is really time-consuming," Norena said. "Luckily, there was no water in the pool, so it made the recovery a little bit easier."
  4. TowForce

    2018 Motor Club Ranking

    Create a list of clubs and give each club a ranking of 1 thru 10. Please only rank clubs you have done business with in the past 18 months. List Top 10 Clubs 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. You can comment to 50 words or less following the list. Those that exceed the limit or bash the clubs will find there reply has been removed. This list is not to attack any motor club, it is to showcase the top club. Motor Clubs should strive to be at the top of the list. No funny business here this is serious, if you are doing Motor Club work then you should desire to see at least one Motor Club strive to be at the Top of the Tow411 Motor Club List. Now lets make this active semi annual topic extremely popular. If you prefer, inbox me your list. This survey will end on or about December 1, 2018 (original topic may change at anytime). A email address will be added within a few days for those who do not desire to rank clubs publicly. For those who prefer to remain anonymous we have set up an email to submit your list. 2018RANK@TOW411.NET This email remain open through November. Survey Ends December 1st, 2018
  5. With all the lip-sync videos with police and fire, we at Bullocks decided it was time for the towing world to join in and help make the public aware of “Slow down, Move over, It’s the law”.
  6. Original video taken from Facebook Live
  7. Driver Opportunity Topics have never worked well on the message board or anywhere on social media. Those that are serious about a career in towing Check Out sites such as TowCareers.com TowCareers.com is an employment website by Tow411.net (Towing Information Network)
  8. Are you attending the 2018 Texas Tow Expo in Dallas/Ft Worth this weekend. http://towexpointernational.com/
  9. TowForce

    Hi From middle Ga

    The android app can be found in the play store by searching TowForce
  10. TowForce

    2015 Hino 258, 21’ Vulcan Steel Carrier

    Listing Status?