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  1. If this reporting is accurate, this is a real black eye for our industry and should not be tolerated. Most of us try to maintain a professional image to reflect well on our industry. One incident like this can cause more harm to that image than we can build up over years.
  2. We have been using the wipes for about a week. everybody seems to like them. The hand wipes have a rough texture side for scrubbing and a smooth side. We put buckets out by our gas pumps for customers to clean their hands if they get gas on them. They leave your hands smelling nice. We have been selling the disinfecting wipes like crazy, but Grime Boss is currently out of stock. We will be ordering more when they get them in. The buckets come 6 in a case. The only negative thing we have run into isn't the fault of the product. But people tend to pull them out too far and it's hard to stuff them back in and close the lid. Joe
  3. We placed an order through our parts store, Jennings Auto Parts. They are supposed to arrive in a couple of days. I can give you some feedback soon! Joe
  4. This is so sad. It is getting so bad that I think we should furnish traffic control at every scene and bill the customer for the additional expense. It's just too dangerous. We need to find a solution.
  5. We did this recovery a couple of months ago. Driver suffered a medical issue and drove almost completely through the house. Luckily, nobody was injured in the house.
  6. Sylvia and I were at the ceremony. It is always a touching experience when they call the name of a tower that has been added to memorial. I'm sure the family members appreciate your efforts to honor Edgar. Thank you for the background information. there is always more than just a name that goes on the wall. Joe
  7. We think it will be a valuable piece of equipment for our fleet. We also have the forklift attachment, although we haven't had a use for it yet. The reception by those that have watched it in use has been all positive. The recovery in this post would have taken much longer and closed the road with most other equipment. In our area, law enforcement is very easy to get along with and we do everything we can for each other to do our jobs as efficiently as possible. Thank you all for your replies and information. Joe
  8. I don't know why they would not allow a unit like this to be used for a recovery. Our truck is also a tractor. The flatbed can be removed and it has a 5th wheel for pulling trailers. My intention is to get a landoll trailer to pull with this truck similar to your operator's prior unit. I would have to look into that and see if there is an issue here in Iowa and surrounding states. Thanks for the input! Joe
  9. We did this recovery about 30 miles away. Car in a culvert. We took a spreader bar with us, but decided not to use it. Between the rain and traffic, we wanted to spend as little time as possible on a car that was totaled. We ran a wide strap under the place on the car where it landed on the cement partition.
  10. We're still here after all these years! I know I don't post anything, I am technologically impaired. But I enjoy the site and the information shared here. Joe
  11. Cant believe it was over 20 years ago already but here we were with the Pettibone Magnum.
  12. We're still here. We appreciate the forum, keep up the good work! Joe
  13. We're still here. Had a busy month with all the crazy weather! Joe
  14. Alive and kicking! Just not kicking as hard as I used to. I still like the forum and plan to be on as long as possible. Thanks. Joe
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