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  1. This morning one of our drivers was struck by a vehicle on the side of the road while assisting a stranded motorist. It's a serious injury, and we ask you to join us in praying for him and his family. Pray for all our drivers today as they also deal with this accident and continue to face danger every time they work on the side of the road. We take every opportunity to remind the public to slow down and move over. It's a state law, and today, failure to follow that law resulted in the injury of one of our own. The truth is it's always one of our own - no matter what company, state, or country - when a tow operator is struck by traffic just trying to do their job. Today's accident is close to home, and we're all struggling with the shock. Help us keep our operators safe: Slow Down - Move Over. Be alert and free of distractions while you drive. We can train our drivers to be as safe as possible, but we can't protect them from accidents like this without your help. We would like to thank the medical professionals that stopped this morning to assist our injured employee! Your actions did not go unnoticed!
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