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  1. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in February of 2014: northeast said: twin steer 1140, interesting setup. specs on it jmf889 said: why would a 40 ton rotator be on a twin steer kw?? this seems like a typo on the 1140 we have two 1075s on twin steers and they are a pain in the a** to tow with with the turning radius so why would u want this on such a light rotator?? tow driver said: Interesting lights on the grill, what are they for? Nice looking wrecker. Rickys Towing said: The lights are used on fire trucks. They spin and put out some pretty intense light. Made to be attention getters. Very popular in the fire industry TOWING FIREMAN said: Not a typo, this unit is equipped with an 1140. The benefit of it being a twin steer is, extra breaking, extra front axle weight and better overall balance. Thanks for your interest. certifiedautomallnj said: I saw this truck at the show and it was built by the same guy I buy my trucks from. This thing is incredible!!!!! Mike, Certified Auto Mall Howell, NJ Kells Towing said: Real nice truck!, more pics please Tj Queensway Tire said: Wow we need more pictures please!! Keen 1051 said: I think it's built to show, it will never see action. TOWING FIREMAN said: Teams251 said: Yep!!! Show only No action!!! Truck looks awesome and well thought out. TOWING FIREMAN said: Thanks, haven't found any other way to pay for it. Teams251 said: What the prize $$$$ from the Shows won't pay for it?? TOWING FIREMAN said: No, it's hardly enough to cover the fuel cost. Keen 1051 said: Looks great! Hope your not p o at me! I knew if I said it, we would get some pictures. Have a great day. BigIronTowing said: oh sure...someone challenges your use for the truck and you run out and find things to tow and flip over trucks to make it look like its used....lol! Beautiful truck man interested in what the wheel base is. Also how do you measure W/B for a D/S rig? What weights are your (tare) weight on the steers and drives. Do you also use a front bumper weight? It takes a lot of weight to pick up and tow a pump truck down the road...or some big brass!!! towdriver said: Does it have DEF tank and where are your fuel tanks? Just My Opion Not The Boss' Grant - 24 Hour Towing & Recovery
  2. Topic Originally created in December of 2006: Hey, just wanted to share a few pics of my 06 rotator. "When this job is over back to shelf it goes......." "Doin a little side work" A little soap and water turns a work truck back to a first place show truck! Nothing like a cool job on a hot day. Setting AC Unit Michael * Michael's Towing Dollartow said: Nice truck Supertow said: very nice truck. look it does work! Ed Barker said: Very nice truck,and I like seeing the snatch block in the line,that is something a lot of fellers overlook when they get a big heavy. hookin29 said: Great pics.!!!! It's always cool to see a show truck out working in the field!!! FLCOWBOYINIRAQ said: trucks that look like that i do not consider show trucks. they are well kept working trucks that look beautiful do to the pride of the operators and owners. very nice truck john fenshaw Towing Fireman said: Thanks, for looking at pics. I'll get more on here later. Michael ** Michael's Towing ** geartow said: nice use of the side pull abilities njChuck said: Thanks for the pics,unfortunately some opinions wont chage,sweet ride good luck. BigWheelRecovery said: I HAVE TO SAY THAT is the nicest tater i have ever seen i saw it in Florida and in Baltimore i love that paint job FIRST CLASS/// THANKS ERIC good luck with that TATER .... Towman26 said: Micheal that is a good looking truck & you show it. At the FL show you could still tell it was a work/show truck. You probably do the same thing I do just put it down a week before & clean clean clean & paint paint. It definatly looks good, but why did you take the stainless off the underlift it looked great on it??? Dallas Horton said: Michael, I've seen that truck spotless and I've seen it dirty as can be. Still no matter what thats one bad ride! Congrats on Baltimore I know you worked your butt off._______________________ Dallas Horton FMS Mike said: hat truck is definitely worth my namesake, in fact I wanan drive it for a day. GORGEOUS!!! Michael
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