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  1. Fredstowingnj said: Wow i remember that show Mount Airy Lodge. hansonma said: Look at the brown/white wrecker,(Autocar) it has Holmes 750s reinforced booms but I swear the body is a Weld Built. Great pics Kevin Da Wash Boss said: Bob it does look like one of Joes trucks but never was. Kevin yes your right that is a weld built body. Danny Cassello East Hartford, CT njChuck said: Does anybody know where the single axle from Michael Bigg, might be today? EdsTowing said: That was a fun show. Thanks for the pics. A lot of that iron is still running today! My dad used to run the T800 with the Interstator on it. The Freightliner that you can see just the front of was just built and I brought it up to the show. It was the first time I ever drove a 13 speed.....wasn't pretty...LoL ESC said: WOW...I grew up drooling over Sanner's Western Star. Amazing thing is that just a couple years ago it was still in darn near that same condition. From what i heard it was sold to someone in the way north east. Havent seen it in a few years. nullstowing said: The Western Star went to the fella that used to work for them, I can't for the life of me think of his name...anyways he worked for them for a few years about 10-15 years ago. He was originally from Maine and moved down here however moved back to Maine and has his own company now. The Western Star was at the Sanner's compound up until a few months ago, it still looked mighty fine for how old it is. 4k58 said: the only time i ever took a truck to a show and wasnt even entered / was suprised to be scanning the site and see a pic of my first big truck the black and green autocar with 750 strollostowing said: These are some great pictures . I would love to see some more pictures of the Mack superliner. AND ALL WHEEL DRIVE freightliner that Ed drove there also. Scary OVER twenty years ago . Sean Strollo Ray Rivera said: Great Pictures I remember Franks From Amsterdam NY And Bills Towing from long island NY AAAUTOFRACK said: thank you for posting, great looking units from back in the day...... EdsTowing said: Jimmy Morell's s/a International was literally one of the last Challengers ever built. The company went under before it was complete and Jim had to show proof of ownership to get the Sheriff to release the truck to him. They brought it home on a Landoll and finished it himself. I guess it was a little scary at first since he wasn't sure if he was going to get his chassis back! The little Louiville/600 was owned by a local 76 Truckstop and my boss bought it just to eliminate the competition. I remember it had a Holmes LD push bumper on it and one of our guys used the truck to "push" a tractor on a trailer instead of decking it properly. As it went up the ramps....the tractor rose higher then the wrecker and the frame came back and smashed the grill shell. We refurbed the truck and put a new grill in it to the cost of like a grand....yea my boss was pissed. It came out pretty nice and we sold it to the then current owner in NJ. The AWD Freightliner is still in service. That was an Autocar mixer chassis that came out of Florida I believe. We got a "Shaker" from a wreck that never got picked up and used the components to build the truck....cab & engine. It was a neat truck. the 1040B was purchased new for the build. The body was built wrong due to the spread on the drives so we had to modify the side panels & mounting of the unit. We put a "double over" 13 speed in it to get some highway speed out of it due to the extremely low gearing of the chassis. It can still hold it's own... I believe the Zenier's Mack and Mike Ross's International are still both in service. I want to say that the white Pete rotator was bought by Bull's towing (Kress) in Hazelton and later went to Kramer's in Hamburg PA when Bulls was bought out by Schlier's. It was just sold at auction a few months ago for more money then it was back then. I'm not sure of it though if it is the same truck...I could be wrong. scvmgrnow said: WOW!! Never saw this post when it was originally put up...........and there's the first really nice, clean heavy I ever ran, pic #11, Ford Louisville w/600, truck #6 at Charley's Crane Service. Man I loved that truck, thanks for the memories!! I changed the grill out to the newer style, added the bumper lights, had blue lights between the body and cab, usual stuff a 25yr. old would do to a truck. lol Larry Lange said: That Zenier's Mack is one good looking truck.What unit is on the back.Nice body and mast.Looks like boom raises wheellift.Cool unit. EdsTowing said: I was down at Sanners location today and happened to see an old sign that belonged to the Western Star. This sign had been used when Sanners had it at the Baltimore tow show in the early 90's. I saw at least 4 1st place trophys from Baltimore for this truck. Also snapped a picture of this photo- Raymond, Michael and their parents standing behind the Western Star at Baltimore.
  2. Dug up a couple. Wonder how many are still around? Rick Spanky said: That KW COE, is "SWEET" ! I'd like to have that. Joe Driscoll said: I can tell you the maroon volvo is still around. I just had it refurbished last year. The truck is still really strong and a great winch truck. I don't know how to post pics or i would show you how it looks today. I'm really enjoying these old pictures. Thanks for posting these. Joe Rotator60 said: I remember that show very well. It was held at the Twin Towers. Great looking trucks. Joe did you say in another post that you still have Joes Jewell. Your Father always had beautiful trucks. See you at the show. Scott Hedgcoth Showtime93 said: thanks for the pics, they were some sweet trucks. I've got some ,need to scan them and post Harvey Spencer University Towing Gainesville Fla Da Wash Boss said: yes yes yes on the kenworth cab over. thats a sharp looking truck. Danny Cassello East Hartford, CT Joe Driscoll said: Scott i still have the H475T that was on the GMC in the another post but i put it on a 1986 international. The International was supposed to be Kauffs but they wanted a automatic which i believe is the truck in this post. My truck was there that same year. When i figure out the pictures ill post some of the old trucks even though this shows how old were getting. JRHD34 said: Last time i knew of Bill & Wags in Riverside CA had that COE KW, does anyone know what happened to that ford. JR unknown member said: the black freightliner with the century 1040 is still owned by andys towing in st cloud mn. blacktruck said: What about the Marmon with the twin boom body, does anybody know if it's still around? geartow said: driscolls truck with i think a bro bed sure is stout looking ! and joe what is the twin boom make on the marmon? jrtowman said: Well my dad says without a doubt that was the year the first integrated came out from Atlas Wrecker Beds because if you look in the last picture you can see the red autocar constructor series with the 40 ton Atlas on it he drove it from charlotte and they used it to demonstrate the lifting capacity of the integrated Kyle Hodges Geartow said: i think integrated wreckers can about in the 70s towvts said: Those are good old trucks!! Thanks for sharing. Gerry jrtowman said: yes they did but not TRUE integrateds they were bro wreckers from over seas and they only had one winch and it did not have a extendable boom Kyle Hodges
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