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  1. Dat1


    Fits nicely
  2. Dat1


    That’s neat. You about need dollies for some clearance.
  3. Dat1

    Back from the future?

    Needs a cup holder
  4. Dat1

    Hello friends

    Yep, still here and kicking
  5. Dat1

    Our new heavy

    That should make money??
  6. Dat1

    New carrier added to the fleet.

    Very nice and eye catching
  7. It’s a sad day when a tree can’t stand in a parking lot without being carssaulted
  8. Dat1

    Bucket truck

    Perfect use of that single axle
  9. Dat1


  10. Dat1

    No keys, no problem

    Nice to have keys but dolly’s will do.
  11. Dat1


    Those lights would be nice when working a wreck at night.
  12. Dat1

    New kw rollback

    Yes we got it from Eastern
  13. Dat1

    New kw rollback

    This is our second KW rollback. They both do very well.