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  1. I do raised my "on hook" insurance to 5 mil so all good and comfy now.. 😀 hauled way more expensive now.. but that was when I first started still prefer the truck and dollies for the Aventadors and Maseratis
  2. Topic Originally Created in February of 2007: but it was only for 45 feet my "on hook" is 250k this was 260k plus taxes fellow had just bought his second one of these this one will be stored the other is his driver moved it from the showroom floor to the back of the enclosed rollback (a box truck body welded to a aluminum tiltdeck) Mike Brian Bell said: Why did they need you again? Qtrmiller said: the dealer had a low canopy over the doors to the showroom and his truck just would not fit, also the ramp out of the showroom was too steep to drive it out ya he could of blocked and ramped out of the showroom and then also on to his truck but I was nearby when the call came so out of the showroom and on his truck less than 20minutes from his call and he ended up with some extra help straping down inside his carrier Mike Tom JR said: That looks good in that color. unknown member said: We have a yellow 05 FORD GT in our yard now, 6889 miles, REPOED!!!!!! The keys stay in MY pocket so no one takes a TEST DRIVE!..............Ken. bachtowing said: Haha Ken... the keys are in your pocket because the car is in your driveway! unknown member said: NO NO NO Jim, All my life I stepped up into my truck, This car I have to crawl on the ground just to get in it! It stays in the yard!................Ken.
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