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  1. Orcas Tow

    F650 Allison trans

    Mine had an intermittent short in the wire from the GEM Module/Fuse Box to the TCM (transmission control module), I ended up running a new wire & also doing the preventative maintenance as I described above.
  2. Orcas Tow

    F650 Allison trans

    Ck your harnesses real close, I had a 2007 F650 that had a couple wiring issues early on & it was because of poor/thin cloth wiring loom/chaffing. I went through whole truck front to back & secured/wrapped/loomed all the harnesses in problem areas. Look for areas where the harness crosses anything metal, brackets, loom mount, crossmembers, etc & wrap them then re secure so they don't chaff. I do have a wiring diagram for a 2007 Cummins/Allison, what year is yours?
  3. I have loaded a couple dozen or so myself & found that with steel core wire it will like you say will noisily grind to the outside of the drum if under tension but travels loosely from the end of the drum for about 2" due to the guides side roller mounted far inside the drum not allowing the rope to lay naturally. My old Chevron wound beautifully with the same wire rope with an 11" wide guide. Just disappointed with the "new & improved" version.
  4. It has a top roller, just not visible in the angle of the picture.
  5. Thank you, Im going to see if I can retrofit the 11" roller guide on & will report back:)
  6. The tensioner is fine, its the roller guide thats 3 1/2" narrower than the winch drum. If you look in the picture in my original post you'll see that the inside of the side rollers is way narrower than the winch drum.
  7. George, Just to confirm your roller guide is 3 1/2" narrower than your winch drum? Mine has the plate tensioner on the backside also.
  8. I recently purchased a 2015 Century LCG with a bottom feed Ramsey winch, the wire rope winds poorly on the outside edges of the winch because the winch drum measures 11" & the guide inside diameter measures 8.5 inches. I ordered a B/A 11" winch guide then found out the hydraulic pump is in the way of putting a wider winch guide on. Any thoughts other than converting to a top feed? Thanks.
  9. 2007 Ford F650 XLT Rollback, Flatbed Tow Truck with under 57,000 original miles, pre emissions (no Diesel Exhaust Fluid/Catalytic Converter/Diesel Particulate Filter from the factory), reliable Cummins 5.9/Allison 2200 automatic transmission, under 26,001 GVWR/CDL = no special license required, owner driven truck primarily used for freeway runs.4 wheel disc brakes, cold air conditioning, AM/FM/CD player, cruise control, tilt wheel, captain’s chairs with air drivers seat, seats have had canvas seat covers since new, center console has storage & folds up for 3rd passenger, extra storage behind seats, Weathertech floor mats, onboard air compressor, air horn, exhaust brake, additional gauges (trans temp, exhaust temp, turbo boost, fuel pressure, exhaust pressure), Police radio, Litebox flashlight with charge mount in cab, Alcoa wheels, tires all at 75% or better tread depth with even tire wear, all brake pads at 10mmm or better, LED headlights/marker/tail lights/6 rear facing flood lights, 4 underbed perimeter lights, 8 exterior red strobe lights, stainless quarter fenders, 2 hard mounted A/B/C fire extinguishers . Bed is a steel Chevron Series 10, 10,000lb deck capacity, measures 21’ x 98” wide deck with Lodar 6 function air operated remote control for winch & bed in/out/tilt functions, wheel lift with deluxe L arms, tow hitch with 1 7/8”, 2”, 2 5/16” balls & pintle hitch, quick connect air ports plumbed to drivers front tool box & rear tail light panel (50’ air hose included), all tool boxes have LED interior lights & top trays, inboard mounted storage between frame & tool boxes for wood, etc… (tons of storage). Comes with 8 point tie down strap set, bridle, Race Ramps for loading lowered or exotic cars with low front air dams, safety chains, wheel lift straps, WreckMaster skates, 4 ton snatch block, ITD Lightweight Dollies with aluminum crossbars, Towmate rechargeable (hardwired) wireless tow lights for towed vehicle, includes enough gear to legally tow 2 vehicles. Comes with everything pictured in listing down to safety vest, triangle kit & leather gloves. Truck has been owned, driven & serviced by a NapaAutoCare owner since purchased (from Peoples bank of in Georgia in 2011) with 2,400 miles, always serviced with Amzoil synthetic engine oil, Synthetic Allison transmission fluid & Mobil 1 synthetic rear gear oil, engine oil was changed/chassis/bed/rams greased every 5,000 miles since new. New truck is here, this truck needs nothing, all systems are operational, guaranteed to pass a Wa State DOT inspection (just had its annual WSP/DOT inspection on 2/2019) I would not hesitate to drive this truck across country. All lettering is vinyl decals, paint is bright & shiny truck has no rust. Truck is solid, well equipped to handle any tows from exotics to dually crew cab 1 ton trucks & ready to work today with no surprises. Clear title in hand. Located in Washington State. See video at : $57,000 Phone or text 360-622-7045
  10. I put stainless balancing beads in all my 19.5 trucks for balancing, if non of the other above issues are present I would try them, just make sure there is no tire lube in the tire from mounting as they will stick to the lube & bunch up.
  11. Look into Washingtons RV program. The Wa Towing Association may point you in the right direction. Give me a message if you need contact info.
  12. Thats a good question, from inside the cab it sounds identical to the Air compressor rattle & I can not duplicate the noise while stopped, only while moving/accelerating. It will not do it power braking it in gear at a stop. I will look into that, thank you.
  13. New to me 2015 IHI Durastar with a 6.7 Cummins/Allison 2500RDS, air brakes with 15,000 original miles. I bought this truck a couple weeks ago from Missouri, had an International Dealership perform a buyers inspection for me prior to purchase, they said all was like new. Truck was shipped on a semi trailer to me here in Washington. On maiden trip I noticed air compressor was a bit noisy but not alarming, noise is like drumsticks rattling on engine block when engaged at idle, noise goes away when compressor disengages/120psi. When driving the noise returns on acceleration, same volume & noise as when compressor is building air but all the time when accelerating, even when the compressor is not building air. Let off throttle & noise goes away 100%. Took it to the local International Dealer, asked a tech to go for a spin with me, he said not normal. I left truck for diagnosis, still under factory extended warranty, 6 days later dealer says noise is normal. I agreed noise is normal when compressor is building air but when its not it should not be making noise when its disengaged, only when acceleration. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks
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