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  1. Thank you. Johnny looks a bit younger there.
  2. There haven’t been too many hits on this posting, but I’ve spent some time trying to organize the Holmes Models / Features into a spreadsheet. The attached is a screen capture of the current - PRELIMINARY - spreadsheet, but clipped a little to make it still viewable as a picture. The info is pretty self explanatory. The second column ‘Manual Spec Chk’ indicates models I still have manuals for, to verify the information. There are many I haven’t found yet. The Models are listed in numerical Model Number order - NOT in chronological order. I intend to add a column to the right that will reference photos of the units, or unique features that identify them. CONSTRUCTIVE input is appreciated/accepted, as well and any additional specific model specs that you have, AND can also send documentation to support it. This forum only seems to allow photos to be attached to postings, so I’m still looking for a way to upload a .pdf of the file (Including supporting photos) to make it easier to view. If there is interest, I’ll continue to update it as it is improved - if there is no interest, it will remain as is. Paul
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  4. Very interested in seeing a picture of your trailer. Can you post it ?
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