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  1. The coolant level switch is just an on/off switch. You can try to jump the connector with a paper clip to simulate a closed switch, and disconnect it to simulate an open switch. The 5volt reference wire will probably have a few splice connections in the harness. You can check for the correct 5volt reference from ECM, and at the other sensors to find out where the problem is.
  2. Saw one on Ebay. It's the no display model. Just in case you are still looking. eBay item number: 183834112111
  3. An Allison certified transmission shop may be able to update the software for you.
  4. The calibration of the turbo actuator motor can cause a lack of power. The actuator arm can be assembled incorrectly inside the turbo, or the actuator can be not calibrated. Cummins software is needed, and actuator must be removed(after draining coolant from block), and installed to get it checked/set correctly. I would also recommend using DIESEL KLEEN additive in the fuel. It has worked wonders in my trucks, and many of my customer's trucks. My truck was a turd(no codes) when I bought it, would barely do 65 on the highway. After a month of DK(double dosed), it will now hit the speed governor at 78, and has stayed that way. It is possible that the DPF is slightly restricted. You can remove it to inspect/clean it yourself. I have had good success using oven cleaner, and a pressure washer. Hope this helps.
  5. Ford diesels are still having issues. I would not recommend getting a 6.7. I am going to wait for the new gas engine in the 2020 models. It looks to be a great design. It will be 430 HP/475 TQ. I loved the F650 with a CAT or Cummins, too bad they quit using both. International, and Freightliner still offer the Cummins, but the cost is higher.
  6. It did better than I would expect. They are usually pretty flimsy. Hopefully, they weren't in there for that ride. I would hate to see the inside after that, especially if the poop tank was full.
  7. Nice work. I like how you used the 2nd line to the rear. That's the way to make the casualty your puppet. It's best to have more control if needed, set up beforehand. I have seen similar situations have the rear slide over, as soon as you pull a little. You guys sure stay busy up there. Keep it up.
  8. I use roundslings/endless loops or 8ft. recovery straps(looped back) for recoveries/winchouts. I also try to get two attachment points(left/right, or front/rear) if vehicle is stuck good or on a steep incline. Digging is necessary to get at a secure attachment sometimes. The eye screws are only designed to pull straight to load on a low angle flatbed. I have also noticed that the European tow trucks have a winch that slides left to right(to keep pull straight). If using the eye bolt to load, I only winch enough to get the vehicle barely on the deck, then get the bed at a very low angle to get it all the way up. This keeps the side load at a minimum. Just my 2 cents on the subject.
  9. Nice Job. He probably hoped the smaller truck=lower price. That C60 looks like it's still in pretty good shape.
  10. Super sad that this is happening so much. I will say some prayers for all involved. I feel so bad every time I hear of any fatality, or injury. The Highway Patrol will quite often stop behind me to block traffic, and I always say THANK YOU, I Really appreciate the help. Your lights help much more to get traffic to slow down, and move over. People just, do not respect the amber lights that road maintenance, and towing uses. I try to stop to block, or direct traffic if I see another tower, or motorist in a bad/dangerous situation. Keep aware, and stay safe out there.
  11. I like it. You could grease it, and it might actually swivel. I would prefer a solid nut, but I'm sure it has been tested to a safety factor.
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