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  1. 7:07 PM 9 [32] VW BUS BLKING ONR - VEH'S HAVING TO GO AROUND IT 7:06 PM 8 [28] [Appended, 19:07:02] [3] 3 A CAME CHARGED THE BATTERY THEN DIED AGAIN, PTY IS ON LL WITH 3 A FOR 1185 7:05 PM 7 [34] [Appended, 19:10:52] [2] OLDER MODEL VAN W/ TRLR STOPPED IN SLW LN 7:04 PM 6 [26] [Appended, 19:07:02] [1] LT BLU VOLKS BUS PULLING A TRL STRUCK ON THE OFR 7:03 PM 5 [23] PER BD-55 // BLOCKING RT LANE SB JSO W BERNARDO 6:56 PM 4 [17] [Appended, 18:57:45] [2] PARTIALLY 1125 IN SLOW LN 6:53 PM 3 [10] [Appended, 18:54:13] [6] [Notification] [CHP]-ADDL RP ADV VEH IS 1125 AT THE END OF THE RAMP - REFLECTORS SET OUT BEHIND TRL [Shared] 6:51 PM 2 [7] [Appended, 18:54:13] [3] PULLED TO RHS ON ONR 6:50 PM 1 [1] OLDER VOLK VAN PULLING A CAMPER TRAILER BLOCKING RT LN
  2. I work race recovery at Fontana. Nascar has some special made straps that we use to roll the vehicle slowly so it does hurt the driver. When useing the straps we can control the ease of the rollover back onto it's wheels. we back the wrecker to the middle of the passager side and use both cables and the starps to reverse roll it If you watched the truck race they had to do the same technique.
  3. Anther thing to do is get a cc number from customer and tell them your going to run it before you head out
  4. All you need to do is go on youtube and see how the new generation of CDL drivers can drive
  5. Yea Randall I've been here for 40 yrs this will be the first time I've seen rain on a thanksgiving weekend .The way people drive in the rain around here it should be a busy of couble of days
  6. Had a customer make a insurance calm against me when I towed a motorhome side the tv fell and all the stuff in the the cabinets fellout I ask the insurance agent if it fell out when I towed it how does all the stuff not fell out when they drive down the road.They told the customer that they won't pay the claim
  7. That's how most AAA drivers around here tie a car down
  8. Anyone can buy a tow truck and call himself a tow truck driver I see it all the time
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