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  1. Topic was Created on Tow411 in January of 2014: We were called last Monday by my good friend David, of D and D Wrecker for some assistance on a load of milk that had rolled over. We brought our cushions over and went to work. A hour and a half later we were on our way home. It is always a pleasure to work with David and Keith. Thanks Guys. Bocktow said: Great looking job.......nice of you to protect the post with the hard hat.... Bruce negatow said: good looking job Tommies said: Nice Job!!! Ed Barker said: Nice job.
  2. Topic Originally Created in November of 2009: I got a call from David at D and D wrecker service needing some assistance on a loaded container roll over. I arrived in our KW to find a banana container loaded with 47k in the box it was stacked front to rear and top to bottom, the truck and trailer had slid 280 ft on the pavement before leaving the roadway and sliding some more in the median. David nor I have ever dealt with this style container so we really did not know how much abuse one could take (If anyone has any insight on this please let me know). After we had walked the scene over and found a lot of milled aluminum, we were afraid that the trailer might unzip if we tried to muscle it out so we decided to bag it. My brother arrived with the service truck and trailer. We planned on using 5 bags but at 3 psi we had an inlet port start leaking so we sucked it down slid it over and added a sixth bag. By the time we got to 4.5 psi the leaking bag could not keep up so we shut it off and continued with out it. We used Davids 30 ton and 16 ton for the winching. The unit came up perfect and the load was delivered and accepted. When the unit was up we checked the side and a lot of the rivets holding the seams together were ground smooth, so I think the cushions were the right choice here. David and Keith thanks for the call its always a pleasure to work with you guys! Jamie Dougherty said: VERY NICE BAG JOB!!!! I would like to see a few more photos of that little Sterling! JAMIE DOUGHERTY JANEWAY TOWING Matjackman said: Picture perfect airbag job, it's nice to have the casualty in such a perfect position for using the bags, good luck. Allenstowing said: Thanks for the comments guys, all I can say is we had the BEST instructors in the industry. Jamie, Keith gets on the board some maybe he will post some pics of it, it is a nice 716. Wayne that was on hwy 79 between McKenzie and Paris. Scooby said: I liked seeing the shoval....digging some access always works git r towed said: You guys sure picked a nice place to make that recovery, very nice job. We bagged one Saturday night on I40 , done a one lane. single pup Fed Ex truck. Didn't have any camera with us. Thanks for the pictures John, Rock City Garage, Tennessee Mark Robbins said: I will agree with everyone. You guys did a quality job. Picture perfect Bryan.
  3. Topic Originally Created in February of 2010: Got a call from my good friend Dustin Rudi needing some help with a loaded rollover. Jason and I grabbed the Air Cushion trailer, dad took the KW and headed out on the hour and 45 min ride to Marmaduke Ark. We arrived to find a loaded 53ft trailer and tractor loaded with 44k of cereal. The roof of the trailer was flat against the side walk the rear doors had shifted on impact and the nose was a little busted up. Dustin had already prepped it to tow away once it was uprighted and had dug holes so we could get the starters under the front. We put a large bag in the center of the trailer on the rear for some lift, then used the started to push the trailer off the side walk to make room to get the large bags under. Once the large bags were under we sucked down the bag in the rear center and moved it to the front. We used Dustin's Pete on the rear and our KW on the front. The unit came up perfect and the load was useable. (camera batteries went dead mid way thru) Dustin and Mike Rudi have been friends of ours for years but this was the first time we have ever had the opportunity together and it was a pleasure. Dustin thanks for the great Valentine's day present, Jason will be your Valentine anyday. Here is the news link http://www.kait8.com/Global/story.asp?S=11984377 Rudi618 said: Thanks a bunch Bryan for helping out that day ,don't think it could have went any better than it did. Its good to have friends like yall thatll come an help no matter what day it is or the distance u have to travel... Oh an tell Jason, sorry that I didn't get him any candy or balloons! Ill have to make it up next year! Transtow said: I must say that looks like a real good bag job.I like it when companys can work together. you all did a fine job. you got some good pic's even before the battery's went dead. Keep up the good work. EricGodardfCA said: Great looking job guys and even better that you could work together to get it done!! Just a suggestion if I may, would be to use some angle iron or even a hard wood at the rail of the trailer. I see it didn't matter here but at some point it could bite you. Thanks for posting the job! allenstowing said: Eric we had angle on the front, the rear I over looked it. The plus side is the cushions did all the work on this job or that might have bit me in the a%#. Ed Barker said: Good looking job,we have a company from the next town over that we can work together with,its nice when competition can get along and not try to knife one another. BigWheelRecovery: You guy do fine work you should be very proud guys thanks for posting Eric visual towing said: maybe your close enough to help use one day with your airbags. Visual Perfection and Towing, Inc. 5194 Elmore Rd. Memphis, TN 38134 901-382-1656
  4. Nice Bob looking forward to the build pictures.
  5. Winching a 196,000lb super load up an icy exit ramp.
  6. Is the towphotos mobile app not working anymore?
  7. I will be the first to post some pictures of our B and B in on the new board.
  8. allenstowing has made the jumo
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