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  1. One of the finest people I've ever known in the towing industry! Clarissa, congratulations on 27 years. We've seen a lot of changes and have been through a lot of wars throughout the many years we've been involved with the industry. Through it all, you have remained a true stand-up person as well as a wonderful lady! Much respect and best to you always. Congratulations once again! Charles Duke American Towman Magazine/Tow Industry Week
  2. It seems that matters are getting worse in terms of roadside safety for towmen. 2020 isn't even a week old as of today; yet we've lost three towmen within the first four days. My deepest condolences to his family and colleagues. Charles Duke American Towman/Tow Industry Week
  3. On behalf of American Towman Magazine, our deepest condolences to the Herring family ...
  4. I was able to get the obituary and funeral information from the following link: https://www.meaningfulfunerals.net/?action=obituaries.obit_view&CFID=e74e7351-7110-4355-b4f9-25b129c55ce8&CFTOKEN=0&o_id=6541287&fh_id=14145 I also found out through Starlite's FB page that there will be a wrecker line-up: https://www.facebook.com/StarliteWrecker Still, there is no official news report that has been located yet. Charles
  5. Charles Duke from American Towman and Tow Industry Week is right here with all of you!!!
  6. This is Charles Duke of American Towman Magazine and Tow Industry Week
  7. Greetings from American Towman and Tow Industry Week; this is Charles Duke
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