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  1. Present.....Ross Kinman school was my early training....
  2. Thanks for your input Kelly, Its been many years since ive had to call Tracker....but back when I first bought my software, for the first couple of years they were very serious about wanting a credit card # before getting into any details about support so we just kinda stumbled thru and found ways to patch and work thru our issues. But since I made this post, we have found the old CD's and were able to reload them on a new machine, so we are back up and running. Now here's an update, one of the reps from Tracker has recently reviewed the site and stumbled across this post, and called me. can you believe that? We've scheduled a time in the near future to get together and discuss my issues and needs. Now THATS customer service. Thanks Tracker.
  3. Get the hell out of the DBA as soon as you can. WAY too many reasons too be an S corp or an LLC and very few advantages to being a DBA. The obvious is liability, I wont tell you cuz im sure you know, but its the little things you might not think of.....mine was a divorce....I was a DBA and when I got served it was the beginning of almost the end of my towing company. Talk to a lawyer, trust me. thank me later. It's always when it comes at you from a direction you WERENT expecting it to come from that will get you.
  4. I wonder how long till this thread devolves into chastising lazy drivers who just cant seem to stay clean. And don't get me wrong, I don't want to do that, and sometimes it cant be avoided (getting dirty) but do we all know that driver that just has a certain way about their routine, the repetitive out-hook up-back in the truck routine where they just don't ever seem to care about their image? whenever I see a driver working a tow without gloves on......ugh. LOOK AT YOUR HANDS! lol....ok, sorry, don't want to be the member who does what I was just talking about, lets stay on topic Mike.....I guess im with Jefftow and for SURE Towman2 on this, the only way to stay on top of this is to have plenty on hand and do the best you can (herding cats) to watch the drivers and try to get them to swap them out In a timely fashion. Here's a question tho....which way do you go, do you buy the more affordable but less durable throw away type vests, or blow the few extra bucks for the more sturdly built heavier duty (and then perhaps more washable and reusable) vests with nicer zippers or buckles vs the light flimsy Velcro style? hmmm?
  5. Ok everybody, hang in there for a few seconds and i'll make my point, First, I am a dinosaur and I will make no excuses for it. I have an almost 35 year old towing co (when billing and statements and payroll were pretty much all done by hand, on paper) and I like things to go smoothly and I don't like changes.....unless I make them and usually only because I realize I have to. If it's not broken, don't fix it. I'm NOT however against upgrades and modifications, when its a good idea. So please don't give me too hard a time about being set in my ways. Now here's my point/question, back in the 90's I bought the original Tracker software for doing Statements, payroll, etc.... and I really liked it. Have used it for well, decades, I guess... my dispatchers liked it, bookkeeper liked it, everybody liked it, it was easy to train new office personnel on it...and our commercial customers liked the statement format, well here's the thing...... we lost the CD's it came on..... wasn't a big deal till finally, years later now, the puter it was loaded on has finally bought the farm. Im currently still trying to salvage whats on the hard drive, and if I could find the disc's I would just start over on a new machine. But if I MUST move on to new software, I would like to find something similar.... and sorry, I don't want anything cloud based or anything I have to pay a monthly subscription for..... just a good solid towing specific software program, or I'm open to something similar. I haven't yet tried to call Tracker to see what they might suggest..... (have you ever tried to call Tracker? it's like calling the DMV)... .but I have browsed their websites, along with other tow software webbys, and I am really not interested in what I am seeing....... so, after you tell me you think I need to move into the 21st century, tell me what you all think. and thanks. .......Mike
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