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  1. I have 2016 F550 4x4 Diesel 20ft steel w/stationary headboard 19,500 GVW no complaints handles loads better than the 2003 F550 4X2 which was a 19,000 ! Looks like to me if it were springs it would affect a rollback more than a wrecker ?
  2. Disagree but that's alright I don't see things the way most on here or Facebook Tow Groups different parts of the Country have different issues heck Ron your are in the same state but I don't agree with those down state, economic issues are so much different here what works good here is not worth a nickel elsewhere !
  3. 1. Agero regular customer contracted service provider pays well 2. Geico regular customer pays on online within 48hrs 3. Swoop few calls pays with credit card regular rate 4. Allstate credit card only few calls 5. Allied Dispatch credit card only few calls 6. Road America service provider no business with the any more 7. USAC service provider since 1995 fair rates pay is too slow 30 days not much volume
  4. Confused paid subscription with Swoop ? as a Agero service provider we pay nothing !
  5. I have 5-0 Radio on my iPhone and don't use it very much sometimes when I hear or see Police, Fire & Ambulances rolling I may turn it on to see what's going on to see if we might get called or get screwed over, our rotation isn't very good when you have officers telling people that a certain service would be more convenient or quicker, yes they would be quicker they are on the Fire Dept. and using a County radio that taxpayers pay for including me to steal your business, crooker than a barrel of fishhooks !
  6. Well every situation is different in the Towing Business depending where you are located, I have been in business for nearly 40 years with Autobody Shop & Towing and the latter years the towing side has got much better, technology has been one of the biggest factors you can communicate easier with smartphones, digital dispatch etc. and being connected to the internet just like now learning things from others, hands down Agero is our biggest customer and don't have a lot of problems with them they pay us a decent rate which is a lot more than any other cash calls unless it's a Police Rotation Call which don't get that many anymore and really don't want to get into the dirty ways of Police Rotation.
  7. EKYtow55

    6.7L oil leak

    Just had this problem on my 2016 F550 with around 56,000 miles on it, had the local Ford Dealer fix it replaced vacuum pump with gasket and new bolts comes in a kit and NO it's not covered on warranty they put my Vin # into Ford and shows not under any Ford warranty cost me $392.00 for the completed job.
  8. The Jerr Dan Dealer has got it backwards you have more usable bed length with a stationary pylon !
  9. Nice looking unit I guess there comes a day to switch Mfg's !
  10. KRS 376.275 Towing & Storage Lien / all vehicles not picked up after 45 days of storage may be sold to cover outstanding Towing, Recovery, clean-up & any Administrative Fees , Etc. May also incur Legal Fees to Registered Owner if any outstanding charges are not recovered from sale. KRS 376.275 Notification of Lien Holder This is added to the bottom of all Computerized Towing Invoices generated for Towed / Accident Tows- Police Impounds sent within 10 days of Tow
  11. Prayers for speedy recovery, something more is going to have to be done with enforcement of this Slow Down and Move Over Law!
  12. Boy a lot of different opions here, I have run Ford F550's for years and those 19.5 tires and balance are a problem my old truck (03) had steel wheels and when the Jerr Dan Dealer brought the truck to me new he said need to take it to the Ford Dealer to get tires re-balanced, they sent it to a local tire dealer with roadforce balance told me that the Continental tires were defective we would have to buy new tires and send those back for adjustment never happened fought with it for fourteen years traded it off, now I have 2016 F550 with aluminum wheels and Continental tires already replaced the fronts 15,000 miles wore out and they get bumper as they get miles on them I use balancing beads so so balance I think spin balance would be better, the problem is you can't get good round tires?
  13. One of the biggest advantages in a stationary pylon is gives you more usable deck length and on the light bar issue is when your bed is tilted it blocks it from being seen from the rear while working beside the highway and harder to wash the back of your cab, I now have a 20ft steel w/stationary pylon, steel is better if you hauling wrecks more durable and aluminum looks better if maintained properly ?
  14. We were a regular (C) Corporation and had a separate DBA Leasing Co. that owns the real estate, & equipment, but recently my CPA had us changed to a Sub Chapter (S) Corporation.
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