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  1. Who has them? How are they doing? They look like they'd be very reliable, and have more hrspwrs and torque that a 6.8L. Anyone have any real life experience with a 550 or 650?
  2. New Marketing geared towards Motorcycle Transport: Oklahoma Towing & Recovery is now offering a service that will totally change motorcycle towing in Oklahoma City! For decades, this industry has used rollback tow trucks to rescue disabled motorcycles. Let's be frank for a minute. Rollback tow trucks are not designed for motorcycles, they're designed for cars and light trucks. It's absolutely possible to tow motorcycles like this, but it's a bit sketchy even under the best circumstances. Our industry has invented things to improve the situation, such as motorcycle dollies, but damage claims are a real concern for any tow company owner. It's also a concern for motorcycle owners. Oklahoma Towing & Recovery's owner rides. He's very proud of his 20 year old motorcycle, and treats it like his baby. He gets why your motorcycle needs special treatment. That is why we chose to invest in our new Emergency Motorcycle Rescue trailer. Oklahoma Towing & Recovery has built the trailer that most motorcycle owners would want to own themselves, and we're using it to tow your motorcycle when you need a rescue. It includes a condor wheel chock, e-track and tiedowns, a winch, and emergency lighting for roadside emergencies. Take a look at what we've created. Share this post with your riding buddies. Save our number in your phone, BEFORE you go out for your fall color rides. We'll be here 7 days a week, and we'll come rescue you promptly. If you have AAA or Geico roadside, ASK FOR US BY NAME. If you have State Farm, call us directly, and we'll bill your agent on your behalf. Just SAVE THE NUMBER. 405-896-0606
  3. Our Newest Road Service Unit as seen at the 2018 Texas Tow Expo
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