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  1. ecruzllc

    Paper Rollover

    Nice work!
  2. I bet that you said to your wife...."yes dear, I had to stay overnight because I got a snow job!"
  3. ecruzllc

    Another Gas Truck Recovery...

    So that is why the price of gas went up in the area! They had to cover for all the towing.
  4. ecruzllc

    box truck into a tree

    What a way to lose a truck!
  5. Sell me a copy when you publish it. I always like to be able to teach young tow truck drivers on the proper way to tow based on other's experiences.
  6. ecruzllc

    Blowin In The Wind...

    Funny but it sounds like someone did not use their God given brains that day. He should have chocked it knowing that it had no parking brakes.
  7. ecruzllc

    Gas Truck Sunk w/ A Twist...

    You should also get an award for being his favorite rescue guy. If he gets stuck that often, he should be glad whenever you show up to rescue him.
  8. Thanks for sharing....
  9. ecruzllc

    Log Truck Tow

    Wow, now that looks like overkill!
  10. ecruzllc


    Yep. my friend wearing the flip flops could not believe that I was using that truck either!
  11. ecruzllc


    So I was out moving some big trucks and needed to tow a Ford Bronco on the way home. So I decided to save a trip and some diesel by using the big tow truck to tow that little vehicle. Yes, I know that it is overkill to do it this way.
  12. Where is this truck located at now? How much do you think it would cost to get the corrosion removed and the truck painted?
  13. ecruzllc

    Rare Porsche Tow

    Hauling that car would make me nervous until it was delivered! But it looks great on your truck which is also very nice.
  14. ecruzllc

    Back from the future?

    Looks like a fun tow for sure! But where was Marty?
  15. ecruzllc

    New flyer bus

    Do you have a picture of what you use