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  1. I started out liking Honk for the first few calls. Even had a rep call me to discuss a first call option. Never heard nothing back. I got so tired of app problems and bidding 10 calls and getting 1. To many interruptions to win 1 bid. I can bid something across the street and not get the call and watch an hour later for a clunker to show up and not be able to do the job. I can’t put my operators at risk on the side of a 2 lane mountain highway with no phone service to stop and get a detailed video to ask for dollies. I’ve sent pictures for proof in the past but that wasn’t good enough. That’s just plain cheating people. I’ve even had customers call in on my behalf when they heard the rep deny the work I did. And yes I will put you on speaker and let the customer hear you when you try and cheat me. Had a rep email me asking for my driver to do his background check. I explained he did it “twice” and given the problems with the app and the lack of winning bids in my back yard I decided it wasn’t profitable to me or my staff for the constant interruptions and shortages. The rep didn’t even argue with me or try to win my trust back. He didn’t care because he knew. You get a mud pull that turned into a roll over blocking a muddy road in a sharp corner where there is no phone service you don’t have time to shoot video and go back to cell range for approval and haggle price and put yourself, your equipment, and the customer in harms way. I get what you’re saying about customers not wanting to talk on the phone when ordering but that don’t hold true to vendors. It’s only beneficial to Honk employees when you rob vendors. Get a phone number where we can communicate with a live person would be a start. Don’t try to offer a $20 GOA for a $150 call 30 miles passed my bidding area. I’ve set my rates for a low rate warning in the portal all they way up to maximum market avg just to see what was what. Even at the low where I can’t make money I was losing bids in my own back yard.
  2. Don’t change your mind. Stay away. All this about getting closer with providers is a sham. I got robbed on way to many calls and have actually had to make the customer pay the difference or be impounded. Ask for extra services like dollies they tell you to send video. Do we need anyone else trying to get operators killed on the side of the highway for that minimal of a fee? Go read their reviews on FB. You will get tired of bidding 10 calls and getting 1 and getting shorted on that 1. It’s not who is closest like they say. It’s who is closest and cheapest.
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