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  1. Njsss

    Found A Cheaper Tow

    Only needed to go 70 miles into NY.
  2. Anybody aware of ANY contract stating tow truck is required to provide passenger transportation?
  3. If you have a DOT# and/or MC# { which is required if you are interstate). All FMSCA regulations apply. You can be ticketed without passenger authorization paperwork(personal information etc.) & proper passenger insurance on your commercial insurance policy Odds are nothing will happen until a serious accident occurs & insurance refuses to pay. Owner will be held responsible, fined & sued. There is specific insurance for livery, cab etc that has nothing to do with commercial trucks
  4. Njsss

    2 For New Years Eve

    1- transmission slipping, 2- reduced engine power(diesel regen issue)
  5. Check out FMSCA 49 CDR 392.60 Unauthorized persons not to be transported Rider policy would be required on your commercial truck insurance
  6. Appreciate the responses. Purchasing a tow truck is not difficult. Dealer can provide you with chassis & body specs if truck is or will be built. When I stated educated buyer, I meant someone who would call chassis dealer & provide specs. I found new cab & chassis price varies slightly. Next, call tow truck body dealer with specs, ask for quote installed. Might be in for a surprise If you think dealer has tight margins. Let’s not forget Dealer incentives, discounts, etc.
  7. Njsss


    Very common problem with 1000 series transmissions is PRNDL switch. Bolts directly behind shift lever, inexpensive & simple repair. Be sure to clean & de burr shifter shaft before installing new switch.