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  1. Think it may have something to do with tow truck dealers selling “de-rated” CDL trucks? Example: truck has 21k rear, 10k front & air brakes, under cdl GVWR can be achieved by simply installing tires with a lower load capacity FMSCA/DOT seem to overlook this gray area Actually surprised there isn’t more accidents, in NJ anybody with basic drivers license can operate any air brake truck registered up to 26,001. If enough fatal accidents occur & FMSCA/DOT begins enforcement, there will be more properly trained CDL drivers or more f350, f450, 4500(actual light duty) rollbacks & tow trucka
  2. Very nice... good luck with it How about some specs.
  3. Only variation woud be rear straps, every motorcycle has different configurations(exhaust pipes, saddle bags, etc) Front straps attached to handlebars or triple tree(see picture above)
  4. Too bad more members don’t post pictures. I would assume most on this board appreciate pictures of tow trucks working. Nice picture, btw
  5. Is that for sale? Spec’s?
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