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  1. I wound up getting a 2002 International 4700 with a 19 foot bed. It is a T444E truck with the 5 speed manual. Originally wanted a DT466 but this one was so cheap, low mileage and nice I could not pass it up. I put my 01 cummins ram extended cab long bed on there and it barely fits. You are right in the crew cab not fitting. If mine had a Ranch Hand replacement bumper it would not have been too close for comfort.
  2. Definitely looking at keeping it under 26,000 pounds. Looking at international 4700 series. Seems to have the greatest difference between GVW and GVWR; sometimes as much as 7 to 8k with an aluminum deck. I will give a harder look at longer deck lengths.
  3. Hello. Seeing how you have a lot of experience in this field I was wondering if I could get your opinion on something. Looking at buying my first rollback and I cannot figure out how important bed length is. I see trucks from 19 feet up to 25 feet. It would seem to me that 19 feet will fit most crew cab long bed pickups. I am shying away from the 25 footer just because of the reduced in town maneuverability. Is there something I am missing with my thinking? Thank you!
  4. So I am looking at getting light duty (under 26,000 pound) rolloff. Mostly going to be using it for picking up cars to and from auctions and picking up disabled, not necessarily crashed vehicles. Have mostly narrowed it down to International 4700 series with the DT466E and a 6 or 7 speed. Looked at some Freightliners and Ford 600-800 series with the 5.9 cummins but I am guessing that they would be underpowered, under load while trying to maintain the high Texas highway speeds. Do not get me wrong, I like the cummins and own two of them in pickup trucks. I see a variety of bed lengt
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